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What Flooring Installers Must Consider for a Staircase Remodeling Project

Despite their utilitarian purpose, staircases offer many aesthetic and structural possibilities. They can serve as statement pieces, integral design features, and even value-adding details. Moreover, a staircase remodeling project entails more than simple cosmetic upgrades; it must also meet code and offer safe passage between floors. So before you make significant stair alterations, consider the project process, stain and paint details, banister options, and more.

Virginia Top Floors can help homeowners in Arlington, VA, do just that. Our professional flooring team has more than 50 years of combined customer service experience and 30 years of design experience, resulting in confident craftsmanship and personalized services. We not only remodel but also refinish staircases in addition to hardwood floors. Call (703) 537-9699 or visit our website to schedule an appointment today!


Finding Solutions: Staircase Refinishing & Recrafting

Remodeling stairs does not involve stripping out all their structural elements and rebuilding them from scratch. On the contrary, our remodeling options—staircase refinishing and recrafting—focus on the surface materials and how their condition affects their appearance.

Refinishing entails sanding away the worn upper layer of wood (and its damages), then staining and sealing newly revealed material. Recrafting—a specialized Virginia Top Floors service—calls for a new layer of wood placed atop the staircase’s structural elements. Both options can create a dramatic transformation but require flooring professionals to consider the size, scope, and angles of the staircase.


Stain and Paint Colors

Arlington, VA, staircase remodeling

Choosing hardwood for one’s flooring does not limit them to a single floor color. Indeed, Virginia Top Floors’ staircase and hardwood floor services entail comprehensive stain and sealer options. Your stairway remodeler must take your home’s interior design concept into consideration with questions that include:

  • What flooring material is ideal for the surrounding space aesthetically?
  • Should the steps match the flooring in the home?
  • Will the steps have a runner over the top of them, which could change the color concept?
  • Do you want to stain the wood to help the grain pattern come to life, or do you want to paint them a bold or bright color?
  • What type of finish work will be present on the structural supports of the stairway?

Colors can stand out or blend with the aesthetic of the home based on the ultimate style goals that the space will offer. We suggest homeowners review stain color guidelines and tips to ensure they have confidence in their choice!


Spindles and Banister Options

Further transformative adjustments include changing out the spindles and banisters from metal to wood or wood to metal. The handrailing can match or contrast the look of these other features. Often, staircase remodelers will consider the overall aesthetic of the home to determine how to incorporate these features. For example, if the home has wood molding and railings, keeping the same look on the staircase can help it blend in. 


The Goals of the Homeowner

Finally, flooring installers must consider the goals of the homeowner during staircase remodeling. This somewhat nebulous category includes factors such as:

  • Budget
  • Planned style and design elements
  • Goals of the space (update, renovate, modernize, or simply fix) 
  • Number of occupants and daily space usage 
  • Long-term goals for the home (such as selling it down the line)


Staircase Remodeling Experts Available in Arlington, VA

Staircase remodeling services offer some exciting transformation options for Arlington, VA, homeowners. Let the Virginia Top Floors team guide you through this process and ensure you receive results you love. Call (703) 537-9699 and request a quote to refinish or recraft your staircase with the utmost attention to detail.