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Refinishing vs Recrafting Your Staircase

To renew your staircase’s appearance, you can have it either refinished—which entails sanding and recoating the hardwood—or recrafted—which involves installing a new set of stairs over the current ones. Reach out to a professional staircase remodeling company for hardwood flooring installation and retain your home’s allure.

Virginia Top Floors provides high-quality hardwood flooring to homes throughout the Centreville, VA, area. We perform not only installations but also professional hardwood restoration services, including screening and recoating, refinishing, and more. Furthermore, we supply our clients with premium hardwood flooring at affordable prices. Contact Virginia Top Floors if you want to make a lasting change to your home’s interior.

Below, we describe the differences between refinishing and recrafting your staircase:

What is Refinishing?

Refinishing a hardwood staircase calls for the same sanding and refinishing services used on standard hardwood flooring. However, the process involves small-scale techniques and handheld equipment for greater precision on smaller surfaces. When we refinish your stairs, we take the following steps:

  • Prepping - Remove any carpet that lines the staircase then clear the area around the staircases to allow for safe travel and easy access.
  • Sanding - Remove the top layer of the original finish and color, which also removes scratches on the wood.
  • Staining - Apply a new coat of stain in the shade and hue you choose to match the interior design of your home.
  • Sealing - After the new stain dries over a few hours, we apply a coat of sealant to fix the color.
  • Finishing - After drying for a couple of hours, we then apply a premium finish to add the the desired luster. Once dried, we follow with buffing of the surface, trim installation, cleanup and application of the last coat of finish.

What is Recrafting?

Staircase recrafting is a specialized service that Virginia Top Floors provides. It is transformative, revitalizing the appearance, style, and texture of your staircase. This way, it will match or highlight a new style or feature in your home’s updated interior design.

It involves placing new layers of wood on top of the structure of your current staircase, a process simpler and less invasive process than other methods. We complete the following steps when recrafting a staircase:

  • Prepping - Remove any carpet lining the staircase as well as any decor or furnishings within the work area, ensuring ease of access and safe travel.
  • Adjusting - We adjust the treads (stair-step surface where our feet land) and the risers (the vertical section between each step) to install new treads and risers over them.
  • Measuring & Cutting - New treads and risers are cut from the hardwood that you choose, each piece perfectly measured to fit over your current staircase.
  • Installation - Installers fit the tread and riser pieces over your staircase, attaching them with adhesive and nails to ensure they remain secure.

In addition to recrafting staircases, we also offer refinishing or replacing handrails and outdated banisters.

The Differences Between Refinishing & Recrafting

Both refinishing and recrafting staircases change the appearance of a home’s hardwood flooring, but each does so distinctly. Refinishing eliminates the finish and color that make up your staircase’s hardwood surface. This process can change the color and condition of your hardwood but not the wood pattern or structure.

On the other hand, recrafting involves installing a new staircase on top of the one you already have. Doing so allows you to transform your staircase’s hardwood into a new texture, color, and design.

Virginia Top Floors: Expert Staircase Remodeling in Centreville, Virginia

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Virginia Top Floors employs experts in professional staircase remodeling processes—staircase refinishing and recrafting—to meet the needs of clients throughout Centreville, VA. We also offer refinishing, screening, recoating, and high-quality hardwood flooring installations. If you want new hardwood flooring or a refreshed appearance of your current floors, contact Virginia Top Floors at (703) 537-9699 to learn more about our services.