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Buffing & Recoating Maintenance Service: Avoiding a Resanding Job

Much like a car, your hardwood floors need maintenance, especially after a couple of years.  Getting a floor restoration service is recommended to renew the original look and sheen of your floors, preventing them from receiving further damage from wear and tear. This often results in your hardwood floors remaining fully-intact for years and years…
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What’s the Purpose of Hardwood Floor Buffing?

Hardwood floors need to be maintained if you want to keep their shiny and pristine appearance. If you are thinking is time to bring the life back to your hardwood floors, you’ll need a professional with expert knowledge to get them there. Virginia Top Floors offers a team of seasoned professionals in hardwood flooring with…
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Small Changes Make A Big Difference: Newel Posts, Handrails, and Iron Balusters

In our last post, we spoke about starting the transformation of your carpeted floors to solid hardwood floors. We talked about transforming your staircase and second level to hardwood, which can be followed by the installation of hardwood floors in your bedrooms. Other details that can add to the uniqueness of your staircase remodeling project…
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Replacing Carpeting for Solid Hardwood

Most homeowners don’t consider changing their carpeted floors to hardwood because they expect a high cost. However, prefinished hardwood is one cost-effective option that allows you to change your carpet to hardwood without paying an exorbitant cost. In addition, you should find a flooring service that is reliable and trustworthy to perform the installation. At…
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