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What Is Staircase Recrafting?

During floor restoration projects, contractors and homeowners often avoid staircases because they present tricky challenges. Nevertheless, staircases are high-traffic spaces that could use an occasional refresh. So, consider staircase recrafting, which involves professionals installing a new layer of wood on top of an old staircase structure. Home owners looking for such floor restoration services in…
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The Virginia Top Floor Difference

When choosing a flooring restoration service, you may struggle with the long list of available providers. Nevertheless, research each one’s customer reviews, portfolio, product quality, years of experience, and affiliations. Service providers that present themselves well on the internet and through their services can give you peace of mind when they start your flooring project.…
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Refinishing vs Recrafting Your Staircase

To renew your staircase’s appearance, you can have it either refinished—which entails sanding and recoating the hardwood—or recrafted—which involves installing a new set of stairs over the current ones. Reach out to a professional staircase remodeling company for hardwood flooring installation and retain your home’s allure. Virginia Top Floors provides high-quality hardwood flooring to homes…
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Is Your Hardwood Floor A Good Candidate For Screening & Recoating?

Without help, hardwood floors won’t stay shiny and spotless forever. They need maintenance and care to maintain their condition. If regularly restored, hardwood floors’ beauty and durability can last for generations. So, keep a team of expert floor restoration specialists on call for the moments when servicing becomes necessary. Virginia Top Floors is the best…
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