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How to Protect Your Floors

For years, hardwood floors have been known to produce a warmer and welcoming atmosphere. However, hardwood floors are very vulnerable to damage such as scratches, water damage, and grime. If you are in need of a floor restoration service in Chantilly, Virginia, Virginia Top Floors has you covered. Regardless of how much you care for…
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Complete Flooring Services

Your flooring is the most used feature of your home and can experience some wear and tear over time. It may be time for it to experience some TLC. It’s rare to find a contractor that efficiently installs all three: tile, carpet, and hardwood. Even if they do install these materials, it’s possible that they…
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Getting Your Property Ready for Sale

The beginning of the new year (and the new decade) means it’s time for a change. If one of those changes for you is selling your home you may need to make room in your schedule to effectively prepare your home for your potential buyers. It’s important to leave a good first impression to ensure…
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What is Involved in a Staircase Remodeling Project?

Year after year, staircases can quickly wear down due to excessive traffic–kids and pets running up and down the stairs, dents from any furniture brought up or down the stairs as well as many other similar instances. When you decide to plan a staircase remodel, having a professional assist you is highly recommended. At Virginia…
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