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Why You Should Schedule Hardwood Floor Restoration in 2024

Have you noticed your hardwood floors haven’t shined quite as they did when you first moved into your home? Over years of daily impacts, hardwood floors start accumulating markings, scratches, dents, and even water stains. Maintaining comfort in your home requires checking if your hardwoods are clean and damage-free. Schedule a service with your floor restoration company if you find any of the issues mentioned above. Professional support can make 2024 your year for floor care and maintenance!

The Virginia Top Floors team has over 50 years of combined service experience and 30 years of design experience with wood floor restoration. We offer hardwood floor refinishing, screening and recoating, flooring installation, and more to homeowners throughout Northern Virginia. Our previous customers praise our flooring services as effective, clean, and quick. Learn more about our hardwood floor options today by calling (703) 537-9699.

Below, we discuss how to identify the need for restoration services and your options in this vein:

Signs You Need Hardwood Restoration

Hardwood flooring may need refinishing or replacement for several reasons. Daily use and exposure to elements for 10 years will wear them down—returning them to prime condition requires expertise. However, you may need to look carefully for flooring damage if you keep up its daily maintenance and care. 

The most common reasons to refinish or replace hardwood floors include:

  • Markings and scratches: High heels and heavyweight shoes are the most common causes of markings and scratches. That said, pets’ claws can also leave such marks.


  • Dents: When large and heavy objects like furniture hit wood, they can leave dents. The damage from these impacts is usually deeper and more severe than scratches because they involve extra force and weight.


  • Water damage: Hardwood floors are particularly vulnerable to moisture. If water from spilled drinks, pet accidents, flooding, or otherwise sits for too long, they can cause long-term damage. Additionally, spills create the conditions for mold and rot to form beneath hardwood, which requires a comprehensive flooring replacement to correct.


  • Sun exposure: Believe it or not, sunlight dulls hardwood floors by affecting their color. Any areas of your floor that receive significant sunlight exposure will need restaining sooner than areas with less exposure.

Hardwood Floor Restoration Services

Northern VA floor restoration company

As mentioned above, services for restoring floors include hardwood floor refinishing, screening and recoating, and staircase remodeling. Nevertheless, you can determine which service suits you:

  • Refinishing: Rather than outright replacing them, consider refinishing your hardwood floors. This service can breathe new life into old, worn-out hardwood because it involves sanding away the damaged layer. The “new” material is then stained and covered with a finish.


  • Screening and Recoating: This service buffs out blemishes and superficial scratches from hardwood. However, screening and recoating is not an effective service on floors with discoloration and deep markings/scratches.


  • Installation: When hardwood cannot be buffed or refinished, use our hardwood floor installation service to replace it. Also, consider adding an area of hardwood flooring to match one already in place.


  • Staircase Remodeling: This service can address any damages to hardwood stairs (or carpeting with hardwood beneath it!). The staircase remodeling service can involve refinishing, buffing, or the installation of new hardwood on staircases.

How Virginia Top Floors Restores Hardwood Floors

The Virginia Top Floors team is proud of our work. Our combined knowledge and years of professional experience allow us to restore hardwood floors quickly and efficiently, sometimes in as little as a day.  Once you contact us, we can visit your home for the initial bid and explain the steps to begin making your floors like new again.

Also, our online payment calculator can provide a project estimate to ensure our price adheres to your budget as best as possible. Doing so also helps us deliver on service guarantees!

The Best Floor Restoration Company for Northern Virginia Homes!

Although refining or replacing damaged floors seems like a hassle, Virginia Top Floors (a top-notch floor restoration company) can take that weight off your shoulders. Our team can reinvigorate your home’s interior with our hardwood services now available. Learn more or schedule a flooring service call today by calling (703) 537-9699!