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Health Benefits of Hardwood Floors

When people think of hardwood floors, they usually recall the elegant look and design appeal. After all, no other material can recreate that characteristic look. That’s why wood flooring remains a popular choice in the home design market. But does anyone commonly think of hardwood flooring’s health benefits? At Virginia Top Floors, we appreciate more…
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Oil-Based Finish vs. Water-Based Finish

Hardwood is a great material to use for the floors of your home. It’s not just a sustainable resource for flooring but also provides an elegant finish and aesthetic to your home. Like any material, over time, your hardwood floors will begin to depreciate as we continue to walk and move around the house. If…
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Why Choose Hardwood Flooring Over Laminate?

The different types of flooring we have in our homes all serve the same purpose, but some are more beneficial than others. When comparing hardwood floors to laminate, there is a clear improvement in value, appearance, and function with hardwood, though laminate floors are more commonly found in households. If you are thinking of installing…
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How to Protect Your Floors

For years, hardwood floors have been known to produce a warmer and welcoming atmosphere. However, hardwood floors are very vulnerable to damage such as scratches, water damage, and grime. If you are in need of a floor restoration service in Chantilly, Virginia, Virginia Top Floors has you covered. Regardless of how much you care for…
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