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What to Look for in a Floor Refinishing Service

Foot traffic, pet claws, sunlight, moisture—all wear on hardwood flooring. No matter how carefully you sweep and mop it, your handsome surfaces will show damage over time. Nevertheless, professional hardwood floor refinishing services can restore hardwood’s luster and save you the expense of total replacement. Ensure you receive the best results by identifying a service…
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Tips from the Professionals on Hardwood Floor Care

With proper care, solid hardwood floors can last for generations. Indeed, the average lifespan for hardwood is anywhere between 30-100 years. However, achieving such impressive longevity while maintaining your floor’s natural beauty requires close attention and diligence. By carefully cleaning your hardwood floors, implementing preventative measures, and consulting screening and recoating professionals, your hardwood flooring…
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3 Reasons You Need a Staircase Remodel

When you become accustomed to your environment and routine, little things–like a worn-down staircase or wobbly handrails–start to go unnoticed. However, your outdated or well-loved stairs may stick out like a sore thumb when family and friends come over. Especially if you’re planning to invite potential home-buyers over, a staircase remodel may be just what…
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Why You Should Schedule Hardwood Floor Restoration in 2024

Have you noticed your hardwood floors haven’t shined quite as they did when you first moved into your home? Over years of daily impacts, hardwood floors start accumulating markings, scratches, dents, and even water stains. Maintaining comfort in your home requires checking if your hardwoods are clean and damage-free. Schedule a service with your floor…
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