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Hardwood Floor Screening and Recoating

Buffind and Recoating

How to avoid refinishing your hardwood floors; Wood Floor Screening and Recoating, Northern VA


Don’t automatically assume your worn-looking floor needs resanding, refinishing, or even total replacement. If you live in Northern Virginia, call Virginia Top Floors for an evaluation. Those wood floors may be in better shape than you think!

Virginia Top Floors provides Screening and Recoating as a maintenance service designed to help you avoid total re-sanding and refinishing of your hardwood floors. This process doesn’t reach the actual wood or change the existing hardwood floor stain or color.

Hardwood floor Screening and Recoating is a cost-effective procedure to restore your hardwood floors’ luster. You may have visited historic homes with beautiful, original wood floors that are well over a century old. The caretakers and owners of these homes have their floors buffed regularly. You can, too.

And if you have Screening and Recoating done periodically on your quality wood floors, like the owners of these gorgeous old homes, you may be able to defer resanding, refinishing—even replacement—almost indefinitely.

When should you consider Screening and Recoating your hardwood floors?
Deferred maintenance creates required repairs.

Hardwood floor Screening and Recoating is perfect for hardwood floors with:
• Superficial scratches
• Scuff marks
• Paint residue
• Dull sheen

If your hardwood floors have not received maintenance in the last 3 to 5 years, now is the time to call the hardwood floor restoration experts at Virginia Top Floors! 571-315-9876.

The Screening and Recoating maintenance service is perfect for installed and finished-in-place solid wood floors and engineered wood.

What to do if it seems too late?
Only floors with superficial scratches and blemishes are good candidates for a Screening and Recoating maintenance service. Deep scratches, discoloration or areas that are completely void of finish cannot be addressed simply by buffing them. Read about our dust-free sanding and refinishing service to treat these problems.

How long does Screening and Recoating your hardwood floors take?
Depending on the square footage of the floors, the process can be done in as little as one day! However, each case has to be assessed individually in order to determine the time needed to complete the work.

Another factor that may influence the length of the job is whether the rooms are furnished or not, and how much furniture is in a furnished room. For example, our one-day service applies to areas up to 1,500 unfurnished square feet. Smaller areas with furniture might also be done in a day.

What do Virginia Top Floor’s Screening and Recoating professional services include?

Step 1: Screening
Screening or buffing uses an abrasive pad or screen to remove superficial blemishes from the top surface of the old finish without disturbing the color underneath. A vacuum unit is integrated within our buffers to collect the dust as it is produced, which the process virtually dustless.
Step 2: Vacuum
The next step is to vacuum thoroughly to ensure that the floor is ready to accept the finish application. The floor needs to be as clear as a fingernail before nail polish is applied to it.
Step 3: Finish Application
We apply a water-based, eco-friendly polyurethane finish to the buffed/sanded, vacuumed floor.
Step 4: Drying Time
Within fours hours after application, the finish is thoroughly dry and ready for light traffic. All furniture can be moved back in place the same day, making sure you place protective pads under every furniture part that comes in contact with the floors

What is the cost for Screening and Recoating my hardwood floors?
The average cost for Screening and Recoating hardwood floors is $2.00 per square foot for finished in place floors.

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