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The Benefits of Hardwood Floor Refinishing and How Virginia Top Floors Can Help

On top of your daily routine, maintaining your hardwood floors can be challenging. Scratches, discoloration, and more can make the handsome planks look dull and dingy, yet they’re too much of a hassle to address today… or the next day… or the next. However, professional hardwood floor refinishing could be your solution. Refinishing your hardwood floors offers numerous benefits, from a refreshed appearance to longevity and financial advantages. Moreover, an expert hardwood floor refinishing company like Virginia Top Floors can help you achieve an elegant and well-maintained appearance quickly.

Homeowners near Manassas, VA, can look to Virginia Top Floors for hardwood floor refinishing, installation, screening and recoating, and more. With over 30 years of industry design experience, you can trust us to make your floors durable and elegant again. Whether you want to install new floors or bring your existing ones back to life, call (703) 537-9699 and book your hardwood floor consultation today!

Below, we discuss hardwood refinishing benefits and how our team can help:

Improved Appearance

Hardwood floors become scratched, discolored, and damaged over time, losing their original luster. Refinishing involves prepping, sanding, staining, refinishing, buffing, and drying your hardwood floors. As such, the process removes unsightly surface blemishes. Revitalizing the natural warmth and beauty of the wood, hardwood floor refinishing makes your floors appear brand new again.


The refinishing process involves sanding off the old finish and applying a new one, which seals the floor and bolsters its durability. The new finish not only protects the wood from future damage but also minor water damage and spill stains. As a result, your floors are less likely to warp or harbor termites, mold, and mildew.

Cost Savings

Hardwood floor refinishing costs less than half the price of replacement yet results in brand-new-looking floors. Plus, reviving the beauty of old hardwood floors invites character that’s unachievable with new flooring. Hardwood floors can last about 80 years, so yours are likely a candidate for refinishing. After their revitalization, your floors will require minimal maintenance, reducing the need for a new installation anytime soon.

Increased Home Value

Refinishing your hardwood floors improves your home’s appearance and value. Among 2022 interior projects, hardwood floor refinishing received a 10 Joy Score, indicating homeowner happiness and satisfaction after undertaking the project. Moreover, it brought the highest ROI at 147%, whereas new wood flooring logged 118%. If you’re considering selling your house, refinishing your hardwood floors could mean a faster sale at a higher price. Even homeowners not planning to sell soon can enjoy their newly refinished floors.

Professional Help

hardwood floor refinishing company in Manassas, VA

Refinishing your hardwood floors can be quite a hassle, and attempting it yourself can lead to irreversible damage to your investment. Therefore, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Virginia Top Floors is a company dedicated to providing professional hardwood flooring services. Our experienced team of flooring experts uses the most advanced equipment and techniques to ensure your floors turn out beautifully.

Hire the Best Hardwood Floor Refinishing Company Near Manassas, VA

Virginia Top Floors is the ideal hardwood floor refinishing company for Manassas, VA, homeowners. Our tried-and-true refinishing process produced magnificent results countless times. Moreover, our team of experts provides communicative and professional customer service, making us the best choice for your hardwood floor refinishing needs. Call us at (703) 537-9699 to guarantee your flooring project is completed correctly and efficiently!