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What is Involved in a Staircase Remodeling Project?

Year after year, staircases can quickly wear down due to excessive traffic–kids and pets running up and down the stairs, dents from any furniture brought up or down the stairs as well as many other similar instances. When you decide to plan a staircase remodel, having a professional assist you is highly recommended. At Virginia…
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What to Expect During A Hardwood Flooring Installation

When you’re installing hardwood floors into your home, it’s best to know every aspect of the process. As having any type of construction done inside your house might be noisy and inconvenient, you may want to give your neighbors a courtesy warning. The installation period should also be scheduled at a convenient time, preferably when…
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6 Facts That You Should Know About Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are known for their natural beauty and luster. They’re generally easier to clean than carpet, and their appearance can add elegance to your home. If you are considering adding hardwood floors to your home, then Virginia Top Floors can assist you! At Virginia Top Floors, we specialize in hardwood floor installation in Fauquier,…
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Why Choose Hardwood Flooring Over Laminate?

Deciding on which type of flooring material to install or replace in your home can be a tricky decision. Numerous homeowners choose between hardwood, engineered and vinyl –among others– as their ideal material, and depending on each person’s situation, one material can be more beneficial than the other. However, the best benefits are one’s that…
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