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The Commonest Hardwood Flooring Damages and How Professionals Correct Them

Although hardwood flooring adds long-lasting beauty to any home’s interior, it needs periodic upkeep to maintain its brilliance. A broad range of things can cause damage, tasking homeowners with bringing in a hardwood floor repair expert. Moreover, you must identify the telltale signs of flooring problems early to avoid the cost of a new floor. If you notice water damage, discoloration, or squeaky boards, it’s time to call Virginia Top Floors.

Manassas, VA, homeowners can rely on the industry expertise and quality craftsmanship of Virginia Top Floors. Our flooring team has 50 years of experience in repair, installation, and maintenance. Our professional and personal involvement in your flooring project optimizes the value you receive. Call (703) 537-9699 today to schedule expert flooring repair.

Below, we review common hardwood damages and their remedies:


1. Hardwood Floor Repair Water Damage

Hardwood flooring materials will resist water penetration if their finish is maintained. However, floors that have experienced excessive moisture without a new coat of polyurethane are susceptible to water damage.

If you notice discoloration or signs of rot where the boards join, you need prompt hardwood floor repair. If you catch the damage early enough, a specialist can help. Once you repair the damaged areas, the complete floor needs to be refinished to ensure even color throughout.


2. Squeaky Hardwood Floor Repair

There are several causes for a squeaky floor.  Floors that have been sanded to their maximum squeak. At times, the tongue and groove mechanism break due to excessive staples during the installation process, making it squeak. In contrast, another reason could be that there were not enough nails, and the boards were rubbing against each other. Yet another reason could be a faulty subfloor or subfloor installation. Worst case scenario, the joists may be failing.

Regardless of the cause, it is always an underlying one. For the most part, it requires removing the flooring in question to study the underlying causes. This may or may not imply subfloor replacement. It also implies replacing the floor that was removed, followed by a complete refinishing. Please note that when severe circumstances are present, you might have to replace the floor.


3. Sun Discoloration

Although all floors change color due to light exposure, floors made of walnut, cherry, and poplar tend to be more light-sensitive than other varieties in their class. This circumstance is most problematic close to windows with direct sun. Over time, the places that experience the most natural light fade. This is also true for floors where area rugs have been placed for a long period of time. The only cure for color fading is sanding and professional recoating to bring the room back into harmony.


4. Buckling Boards

When boards begin to lift, it is usually a sign of excess moisture. Wood expands in homes that experience flooding, water pipes bursting, and high humidity. The buckling occurs when the swelling wood runs out of room—the boards push against each other.

If the boards are in reasonably good shape, the floors can be sanded and finished solving the problem, but if the moisture has caused warping, they may need to be replaced, before refinishing them.


5. Normal Wear and Tear

hardwood floor repair in Manassas, VA

Normal wear and tear is the leading reason homeowners require hardwood floor repair.  High-traffic areas and places where pets walk will likely experience more scratching and wear than other spaces. The activity makes floors look worn in some spots while others appear almost new. To remedy the blemishes and make all areas come together, the floors must be refinished.

If the floors simply appear dull and exhibit only superficial scuff marks and scratches, they might be a good candidate for screening and recoating maintenance service, assuming they have been previously sanded and never been cleaned with an oil-based cleaner.


When to Get Hardwood Floor Repair

It’s crucial to remember that some hardwood floors cannot be repaired. Extensive water damage can result in rot and open the door to hazardous mold growth. In such instances, homeowners should err on the side of caution and replace the tainted materials. However, early detection increases opportunities to make repairs.

Working with a hardwood floor repair professional can help homeowners avoid a new installation and save thousands of dollars. An expertly repaired and refinished floor looks and feels brand new, adding to your real estate value and peaceful enjoyment of being at home.


Reliable Hardwood Floor Repair Specialist in Manassas, VA

The Virginia Top Floors team works diligently with our valued clients to provide cost-effective hardwood floor repairs, refinishing, and installations. We use only the highest quality materials and equipment to ensure your floors withstand the test of time. To schedule unparalleled hardwood floor repair, call (703) 537-9699 today!