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The 7 Best Types of Hardwood Flooring for Your Home

Replacing your flooring is one of the easiest ways to refresh your home’s interior design, as you can upgrade the appearance without undergoing extensive or disruptive renovations. Further, hardwood floors are popular among homeowners looking to add long-lasting beauty, elegance, and high-end appeal to their homes. But there are a variety of hardwood floor types to choose from. Therefore, before hiring a hardware floor installation service, familiarize yourself with the available varieties on the market.

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Below, we discuss some considerations for your hardwood flooring and describe the 7 best varieties to install:


Things to Consider When Looking at Hardwood Flooring

Solid wood flooring is vulnerable to heat, moisture, and humidity. Therefore, putting it in a bathroom or a basement—where such elements crop up—is not a good idea. Yet outside those spaces, professional flooring installers can compensate for temperature-related wood expansion and potential warping by leaving sufficient gaps between planks. 

Hardwood floor durability comes from the Janka hardness scale—a metric of how much force the wood can endure. Hardwood species, such as oak, rank higher than softwoods like cherry. Consider replacing softwood flooring with more durable hardwood in heavily trafficked areas. 

Moreover, account for the amount of sunlight your space receives—significant sunlight causes hardwood flooring to fade. Hardwood floors in a sunny area should have low photosensitivity to preserve the original color. Plus, you should take steps to protect it from direct sunlight with rugs and curtains.


Hardwood Flooring Types

Below, we describe some of the most popular hardwood flooring types: 


1. Oak

Hardwood floor installation service in Bristow, VA

There are two basic types of oak floors: red oak—which has a pinkish tone with patterned grain—and white oak—which has a more subtle grain and a yellowish tone. Both types are suitable for homeowners looking to present floors in a natural state with a clear or lightly tinted sealant. 

2. American Walnut

American walnut comes in shades ranging from blonde to dark brown. This variety of colors makes the species a popular choice in homes. It gives off a satiny sheen that stands out when polished with natural oil or varnish.

3. European Walnut

European walnut stands out from other hardwood floor types because of its distinct, multifaceted tones. In addition to a range of color options, you can purchase European walnut in a semi-matte, natural oil, or rough effect finish. 

4. Mahogany

Mahogany hardwood flooring is eye-catching thanks to its rich, brown-red appearance. The modern, striped look gives it an opulent appearance, a popular feature among hardwood flooring enthusiasts. Plus, mahogany is one of the most durable floor types, capable of lasting a lifetime with proper upkeep.

5. Cherry

Cherry flooring is a softer hardwood that adds warmth and brightness to a room. Due to its lower density than other hardwoods, homeowners should be careful about installing it in high-traffic areas or under heavy objects like bookcases.

6. Maple

Ideal for contemporary-style homes, maple hardwood creates a clean, natural-looking, and subtle-grain surface. The colors tend to range from creamy white to light brown. Nevertheless, maple is particularly susceptible to weather changes and scratches.

7. Pine

Pine is one of the most affordable hardwood flooring options. That, combined with its durability, makes it a popular choice for homeowners. It offers a homey appeal that stands up to years of use. You can find pine in colors from golden yellows to deep browns and reds.


Professional Hardwood Floor Installation Service in Bristow, VA

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