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Hardwood Floors and Home Value

Hardwood floors are in high demand, and it’s not hard to see why: such flooring is durable, timeless, and easy to maintain. Hardwood flooring is perfect for homeowners making a long-term investment in their property. Yet as with any investment, proper maintenance and care are essential for hardwood to retain its high value. Regular cleaning, refinishing, and repairs from a reliable floor restoration service help maintain its appearance and longevity.

Virginia Top Floors provides Calverton, VA, homeowners with exceptional floor restoration services. Our dedicated team of experts restores old and worn-out floors to their former glory. With a range of services—including hardwood floor installation and refinishing—homeowners can trust us to deliver professionalism and precision. To begin your next floor restoration project, call (703) 537-9699 today.

Below, we discuss how hardwood flooring affects home value:


Upholding Your Home’s Aesthetics and Value

Aesthetic appeal is a significant factor in determining a property’s value, and hardwood floors can enhance the aesthetics of any home. The warmth, elegance, and natural beauty of hardwood floors are universally appealing and much sought after by homeowners.

99% of real estate agents agree that homes with hardwood floors attract more potential buyers. Thus, homeowners with well-kept hardwood floors can expect higher offers and quicker selling times. Moreover, hardwood floor installation projects garner, on average, a 70-80% ROI and can add up to 2.5% to your home’s sale price. You can see how homeowners deem installation and maintenance projects as wise investments.


Maintaining Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood offers a classic, timeless look with excellent durability if given the appropriate attention. Indeed, proper hardwood floor practices help preserve the material’s beauty and appeal.

For instance, dirt and grit can act as abrasive materials on your floors, dulling the finish and leaving permanent marks. You can avoid scratches, fading, and other damage through regular floor cleaning and as necessary. This cleaning should include sweeping and wet mopping with a non-oil-based solution. Also, wipe up spills or other accidents as soon as they occur. Such measures safeguard your hardwood floors and keep them looking beautiful. 


Preventing Damage and Costly Repairs

When homeowners neglect hardwood flooring, everyday wear and tear builds up and causes deep dents, warps, or cracks. Yet routine maintenance preserves their original beauty and feel but also prevents costly future repairs.

Further protect your floors from excess sunlight using area rugs, curtains, and blinds to avoid fading. Furthermore, use furniture pads and discourage traffic from shoe-wearers and pets that lead to scratching. 

Water damage can also present a significant issue for hardwood floors. Prevent moisture exposure by properly waterproofing your home and mitigating indoor humidity. 


Investing in Appearance and Longevity

Floor restoration service in Calverton, VA

Leveraging the above measures can maintain your hardwood floors, but you can also opt for periodic floor restoration services to ensure longevity and value. Occasional professional attention furnishes visual appeal and damage protection. Even if your hardwood floors are slightly damaged, expert services can restore them to their former beauty and durability.

Unlike other flooring options, hardwood can last for decades or longer with the proper care and maintenance. As long as your floors are taken care of, they add massive value to your home.


Hire a Top Floor Restoration Service in Calverton, VA

Whether you want to restore your hardwood floors to their original beauty or install brand-new flooring, Virginia Top Floors has you covered. We take pride in using only the highest quality materials to ensure your Calverton, VA, floors withstand the test of time. Choose Virginia Top Floors as your expert floor restoration service and experience the beauty and longevity of a perfectly restored floor. For more information on how we can help, contact us at (703) 537-9699.