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6 Signs of Hardwood Floor Moisture Damage

Due to its handsome appearance and sturdy nature, hardwood flooring has a widespread appeal among homeowners. Nevertheless, the materials must endure the strains of daily use and environmental circumstances. Homeowners throughout the mid-Atlantic, for instance, must watch for signs of moisture damage to their hardwood flooring: cupping, crowning, buckling, and more. If homeowners notice such symptoms, they can turn to the professional floor restoration company Virginia Top Floors.

Our team provides high-quality hardwood flooring services throughout Sudley Springs, VA, and the surrounding region. With over 50 years of combined customer service experience and 30 years of design experience, we have seen and handled every hardwood flooring scenario. Moreover, we offer straightforward pricing guidelines and financing options. For more details on hardwood flooring services or our policies, visit our website or call (703) 537-9699.

Below, we discuss moisture’s effect on hardwood flooring and the signs that your flooring is suffering moisture damage:

How Moisture Affects Hardwood Flooring

Although more commonly seen than moisture-related issues, hardwood flooring wear spots and scratches are distinct types of damage. They come from rough use, pets’ claws, and heavy objects. Moisture damage, however, results from the wood absorbing water—perhaps from spills or high humidity levels.

Additionally, homeowners can often trace scratches and gouges to specific events while moisture problems accrue over time. The latter damage occurs at a rate invisible to the human eye, so homeowners may not notice it until worrying symptoms arise. Before assuming you need flooring restoration, speak to a service professional about whether a hardwood flooring refinish could correct its moisture problems.

Flooring Damage Signs

  • Cupping
    As individual boards absorb moisture, they may begin pushing outwards around their edges. This effect creates a wave-like appearance across the surface of hardwood flooring, undermining its handsome appearance.


  • Crowning
    Although created by the same moisture absorption process, hardwood crowning is the opposite of cupping in that boards’ centers rise. This effect occurs if the material’s central portion absorbs more moisture than its sides.


  • Buckling, warping, and gaps
    This set of co-occurring problems results from humidity exposure. More specifically, hardwood flooring will buckle, warp, and gap if its manufacturers neglect to acclimate the material to the environmental humidity in which it will be installed. Humidity changes that individuals may not even register can mangle flooring materials.

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  • Uncommon noise
    Even the best-installed hardwood boards will squeak from time to time. However, constant squeaks (or those that suddenly appear) may signal deep-set moisture damage.


  • Strange odors
    Although known best for emanating from crawl spaces and basements, strange or musty odors can arise from hardwood flooring too. As they do beneath your home, moisture and humidity can encourage mold and bacteria growth in hardwood flooring.


  • Flooring finish discoloration
    Excessive moisture can go beyond warping hardwood flooring and cause discoloration. Before assuming sunlight as the cause of your floor’s shift in color, investigate potential moisture damage.

Hardwood Flooring Restoration

Once you notice the signs of moisture damage, call a professional flooring service provider ASAP. Again, if you have minimal flooring damage, a simple refinish might correct the problem. However, significant damage will require hardwood restoration.

Whereas a flooring refinish takes 3 to 5 days, flooring restoration may require a few more days. It includes all steps of the refinishing process in addition to replacing boards and subfloor regions. Nevertheless, restoration can return your flooring to a pristine condition.

The Sudley Springs, VA, Region’s Top Floor Restoration Company

Protecting your home’s hardwood flooring ensures you reap its beauty. If you notice moisture damage signs, turn to Virginia Top Floors, a top floor restoration company operating in Sudley Springs, VA. We seek to provide the highest-quality care and customer service possible, and our options range from sanding and refinishing to staircase remodeling. To learn more about your hardwood flooring options, visit our website or call (703) 537-9699!