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How to Know When It’s Time to Refinish Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is a timeless and singular home feature. Whether they prefer a natural look or the enhanced appearance created by staining, home  owners continue to seek these materials. Yet wood’s organic nature will manifest use and age. Even with maintenance, hardwood flooring eventually shows tracking, scratches and dulling. A hardwood flooring refinishing service can bring even the hardest-hit areas back to brilliance.

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Water and Moisture Damage

As with all other natural materials, wood suffers and degrades from heavy use and time.  Water, for instance, causes wood flooring to swell and dry out. Even just surface contact can create stains, as water discolors the wood.

Bad spills, left untouched, cause wood flooring to warp and can ruin its appearance. Heavy damage will require you to replace your flooring, but minor harm you can correct with hardwood screening and recoating.

Scratching, Scuffing, and Dents

Wood’s capability to hold weight without compression makes it a popular building material (even firefighters and rescuers use wood blocks in cribbing patterns to support cement). The daily traffic in a home, however, leaves an impression: scratches from people and pets allow dirt to penetrate wood flooring and break its finish seal. Scuffing and dents from heavy furniture or objects also dent the wood and can create pitting. Sanding and smoothing will be required to repair such damage.

Changing Colors

Sun can have a brutal impact on wood flooring. Natural light exposure fades wood’s color and discolors it, turning it a drastically different shade from flooring elsewhere in a home. Additionally, the wood turns grey when moisture gets through a flooring seal. Although the material itself is fine, its vibrant color—which made it so attractive—is being lost on the outer layer. Again, refinishing removes this bland surface and allows the bright wood color to come out.

Spills and Stains

Any liquid, water or otherwise, can stain wood. Grease and red wine, for instance, are problematic because they soak into the wood through damaged patches of sealant and refuse to come out. A professional must remove wood layers to remove the stain.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Service Fairfax, VA

A hardwood floor refinishing service is a big task, but that also makes it a great opportunity. It can not only refresh flooring but also provide an opportunity for a new stain color. It can help to sell a home as well. If your hardwood floors are showing age and wear, turn to Virginia Top Floors for refinishing and more services. For more information on our hardwood flooring options, call us at (703) 537-9699 or reach out through our website.