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Differences Between Floor Refinishing and Restoration

It’s important to take care of your hardwood floors from time to time. And while it may not always be the first thing in mind among the list of homeownership tasks, it can lead to varying degrees of wear and tear on your floors. This can make them appear less than attractive as they were when you first had them installed.

Depending on its condition, you may have to hire a professional that can return it to its previous state. Virginia Top Floors is a top-tier floor restoration company with years of experience in the flooring industry in Centreville and throughout Northern Virginia.

Our specialties include thorough restoration and refinishing, as well as premium hardwood floor installations, staircase remodeling, and more. Our craftsmen can return to your floors to their polished and vibrant appearance no matter what shape they are in.

Below, we discuss the essential differences between floor refinishing and floor restoration:


The first difference between refinishing and restoration is the amount of time each service takes. Depending on the area size of your hardwood flooring, refinishing requires 3 to 5 days to complete. This includes the amount of time it takes for the new coat of finish to completely dry.

On the other hand, restoration could take close to two weeks to perform properly, especially in a large area. This is because it includes aspects of refinishing, as well as several other tasks –like individual , partial floor replacement and/or subfloor repairs– that are required to complete a total recovery of your hardwood floor’s condition.


Cost is another central difference between refinishing and restoring. Firstly, more often than not, the more time a service takes to complete, the greater it is going to cost. This is also true for floor refinishing and restoration services.

Floor refinishings are usually the cheaper option compared to restoration. Not only is this because it takes less time, but also because it requires much less labor and skill. In contrast, restorations cost more because they are more labor and time to complete.


Finally, both floor refinishings and restorations also differ in their purposes. Floor refinishings are performed to fix the normal level of wear and damage on hardwood floors. It involves stripping of the floors, staining and application of sealer and finishes to return the sheen and color that’s lost as a result of the same wear and damage.

Restorations go much further to fix damage that’s gone much deeper. Hardwood floors that have major wear and tear, such as scratches, gouges, warped, uneven, or cracked wood, often undergo restorations. When the level of damage leans toward a hardwood floor replacement, you’ll likely need the help of an experienced floor restoration company.

Virginia Top Floors: Quality Floor Restoration Company in Centreville, VA

Restorations and refinishing services inherently differ in how much they cost, how much time they take to complete, and the reasons they are performed. The biggest difference of all is which refinishing and trustworthy floor restoration company you choose to work with. Virginia Top Floors is a trusted name in hardwood flooring services in Centreville and throughout Northern Virginia. Our highly-experienced craftsmen have worked for decades in installation, maintenance, refinishing, and restoration, and are experts in any issue you might have with your flooring. Contact us at (703) 537-9699 to learn more about our services and to schedule a service with us today!