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Key Factors that Affect Floor Restoration & Repair Costs

Generally, the cost of a floor restoration depends on the square footage and condition of the floors. For flooring repairs, it is based on the size of the wood and by quantity. Many other factors go into it as well, one of them being the company you choose to work with. The best companies provide…
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Replacing Carpeting for Solid Hardwood

Most homeowners don’t consider changing their carpeted floors to hardwood because they expect a high cost. However, prefinished hardwood is one cost-effective option that allows you to change your carpet to hardwood without paying an exorbitant cost. In addition, you should find a flooring service that is reliable and trustworthy to perform the installation. At…
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Buffing and Recoating: A Maintenance Service at a Glance

Many people assume that buffing and recoating will erase scratches and discoloration on their floors. Much to their dismay, when these signs appear, sanding and refinishing are their only options. In their quest to save money, many homeowners make the terrible mistake of using store-bought products that claim will “restore the shine”. While they still…
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