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What Is a Screening and Recoating Service?

Even the best-kept hardwood floors accumulate scuffs, scratches, and dullness after years of use. These signs of wear and tear could convince you that a costly replacement is necessary. However, those hardwood floors may be in better condition than you think. Moreover, screening and recoating services can deliver homeowners a promising solution for lifeless and lightly worn floors.

Homeowners in Woodbridge, VA, can turn to Virginia Top Floors for quality flooring services. With decades of experience, our team offers thorough flooring services such as hardwood floor installation, screening, and coating, and refinishing to reinvigorate your home. For more details on our hardwood flooring services, call (703) 537-9699 today!

Below, we describe a typical screening and recoating service:


screening and recoating in Woodbridge, VA

Polyurethane Finishing

Before committing to the service, you should determine whether you have the proper flooring for screening and recoating. This option is designed exclusively for hardwood floors finished with polyurethane –oil-based or water-based. A liquid plastic that sits on top of hardwood, polyurethane is a popular coating that protects surfaces from blemishes like spills, scratches, and wear and tear.

Nevertheless, polyurethane deteriorates over time and exposes hardwood floors to such damage. Therefore, regular maintenance is critical to maintaining your floor’s protective coatings and longevity.


Screening and Recoating Basics

Screening and recoating hardwood floors eliminates superficial imperfections, dirt, and dullness. Screening removes a fraction of the existing top layer without touching the wood underneath, which professionals achieve using a special abrasive pad and buffer. Then, the wood is recoated with a fresh layer of polyurethane.



The screening and recoating service beautifies your hardwood and serves numerous functional purposes, including:


  • Damage Removal: Surface-level blemishes affect the hardwood flooring’s coating, not the color or wood underneath. Removing that flawed portion of the top coating revitalizes the hardwood flooring’s appearance.



  • Luster: Fresh polyurethane adds a lustrous sheen to your floors. Not only is this shine visually attractive, but it protects your wood from superficial damage. If your wood has lost its luster, your flooring likely needs maintenance.


  • Increased Longevity: While deep surface damages necessitate more substantial treatments like sanding, regular maintenance extends your hardwood’s life by combating the attrition of the wood floors that results from refinishing.


Screening and Recoating in Woodbridge, VA

Virginia Top Floors provides reliable hardwood floor services to residents of Woodbridge, VA. Our team’s care, accountability, and attention to detail make the Virginia Top Floors experience and results outstanding for our industry. With services ranging from hardwood installation to screening and recoating, we have something for every floor. Call (703) 537-9699 today to learn how we can service your floors!