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The Benefits of Sanding vs. Screening & Recoating Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are a precious addition to any home. Yet tending to and caring for them alone is a demanding, draining feat. Cleaning and scrubbing maintain their sheen appearance but can’t return hardwood floors to their original quality. Given that so many people love the elegance and antiquity of hardwood floors, it’s surprising how many underestimate their maintenance. Still, hiring a floor screening and recoating service ensures that your hardwood floors remain as shiny and sturdy as the day they were installed.

Residents of Fairfax, VA, can rest assured that Virginia Top Floors will put them at the forefront of every project. Whether staircase remodeling or installing hardwood flooring, our team showcases a strong work ethic and service mentality every time. We are the floor screening and recoating service company you need to expertly buff and sand your hardwood floors. Contact us at (703) 537-9699 today to learn more about our floor screening and recoating services.

Below, we discuss the benefits of buffing versus sanding your hardwood floors:

What is Floor Screening and Recoating?

Floor screening and recoating restores the smooth appearance of your hardwood floors through the use of pads. The process removes scuffs and scratches, is cost-effective, and consumes less time than sanding. Yet the benefits of floor screening and recoating do not stop there; it can also serve as a preventative measure. Buffing your hardwood floor increases the overall quality and durability of the floor itself. If your floor receives heavy foot traffic, regular home maintenance should include a regular visit from a floor screening and recoating specialist.

What is Floor Sanding?

As opposed to screening and recoating, sanding removes damaged layers of your floor to reveal a more uniform version. To achieve this outcome, it eliminates a layer of wooden flooring, after which professionals apply a protective floor sealant.

Floor sanding can only be done a few times before wooden flooring requires a complete replacement. Therefore, it’s crucial to protect your flooring through not only cleaning but also regular floor maintenance by a licensed professional.

Why Do I Need Screening and Recoating or Sanding?

Floors, of course, are made to be walked on. Therefore, you cannot keep your family or guests from disrupting its natural appearance. Yet screening and coating as well as sanding are great ways to combat the effects of foot traffic. Each process rejuvenates dull floors and restores their original shine. So, contact local flooring professionals to return your flooring to the eye-catching item it once was.

When is it Time for Floor Replacement?

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In some cases, floor maintenance is not possible. You may need to replace your hardwood flooring entirely if it's seen too many sandings (or too many days in general). However, most intact floors can be protected by buffing, sanding, or resealing. Save flooring replacement as a last measure.

You may need floor maintenance if your hardwood floor:

  • Has a dull or lifeless appearance
  • Receives a lot of foot traffic
  • Was neglected by the previous owner
  • Is nearing the end of its life expectancy but appears mostly intact

When in doubt, contact your local floor screening and recoating service for help in determining if your floors need a repair or a replacement.

Premium Floor Screening and Recoating Services in Fairfax, VA

If you’re deciding whether to screen and recoat or sand your floor, hire a professional flooring company to determine your best plan of attack. Virginia Top Floors is a locally-owned floor screening and recoating service that puts our Fairfax, VA, customers first. Our customers will receive tailored advice, full accountability, and affordable prices. We treat our customer’s homes as if they are our own. To get started with our wide range of hardwood floor repair services, contact us at (703) 537-9699.