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The Virginia Top Floor Difference

When choosing a flooring restoration service, you may struggle with the long list of available providers. Nevertheless, research each one’s customer reviews, portfolio, product quality, years of experience, and affiliations. Service providers that present themselves well on the internet and through their services can give you peace of mind when they start your flooring project.

Virginia Top Floors has over 50 years of combined customer service experience and 30 years of design experience. If you have old flooring and want its original colors to shine again, a flooring restoration service is exactly what you need. Our previous projects illustrate the capacity of our skills. Contact our flooring restoration experts today to revive your hardwood floors! Below, we discuss why customers continue to choose Virginia Top Floors year after year:

  1. Over 50 Years of Experience
    We have spent decades putting together a comprehensive flooring restoration service that brings out the best in every customer’s home. Our team approaches each project with a strong work ethic, and our confidence allows us to provide an array of high-end services, including screening and recoating.
  2. 100% Accountability
    We remain accountable for all our work and decisions, as they reflect our reputation. We consider customer testimonials seriously and listen to their feedback to maintain excellence month to month. Furthermore, our commitment to transparency compels us to discuss all services and prices with folks before their project is complete.
  3. Competitive Rates
    Our hardwood sanding and refinishing services—which involve resanding, staining, and finishing—start at $3.80 per square foot. We also apply a coat of sealer and two coats of finish during these services and incorporate those materials into that price.We can add shoe mold installation, extra coats of finish, carpet removal, and furniture moving services for additional charges. Review our list of basic rates to determine your preliminary budget.
  4. Exemplary Service
    Our team’s experience and skill can transform scuffed flooring into breathtaking, cohesive hardwood. Moreover, you can choose from over 125 hardwood colors in addition to our refinishing, screening, and recoating services. We work with top-of-the-line finishes to deliver flooring that your friends will envy.Finally, keep in mind that most flooring service providers won’t sand, carpet, or tile floors. Our team, however, offers all these options as well as repair and maintenance work as long as it’s in conjunction with hardwood.

Floor Restoration Services Available in Ashton Glenn, Virginia


Create a handsome and welcoming home in Ashton Glenn, VA, with a professional flooring restoration. Doing so can complement your home’s interior style and decor. If you have pets, we can install beautiful flooring that can withstand scratches and accidents. No matter what flooring restoration service you need, our Angi’s Super Service Award-winning team can serve your needs and offer premium-grade materials and efficient service.

Request a free floor restoration estimate and call (703) 537-9699 today to get started!