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Choosing Hardwood Flooring Colors

Picking the right color for your hardwood floors can be tricky. You have a variety of options to choose from as well as different types of woods, textures, and more. To help alleviate your stress about your choices, work with an experienced hardwood floor installation contractor who can provide you with the best possible options according to your home’s decor and furnishings.

At Virginia Top Floors, we dedicate ourselves to providing excellent hardwood floors to homeowners and commercial businesses throughout Lake Ridge, VA, and Northern Virginia. We are among the most experienced local hardwood flooring specialists who provide customers an array of services such as hardwood floor installations, refinishing, restaining, and more. Call us if you are thinking of installing hardwood in your home today.

Below, we discuss what you should consider when choosing the color of your hardwood floors:

Things To Consider When Choosing Hardwood Floor Colors

Choose A Color That Complements

Your hardwood flooring’s shade has a strong effect on a room’s overall appearance when considered alongside the color of the walls. You should consider colors that complement the rest of the room and your home’s decor, especially if your hardwood flooring extends throughout your house.

For example, if your home has a dark color aesthetic conveyed by its decor and furnishings, you can complement that aesthetic through brightly colored floors.

Dark Colors Minimize Spaces

Also, keep in mind that color affects our sense of space. A general rule of thumb here is that lighter colors tend to make rooms feel bigger and more expansive, while darker colors do the opposite. Ignoring this fact can lead to design difficulties later on.

Additionally, you can use this factor to your advantage. Install dark-colored floors to create cozy, intimate spaces and lighter colors for livelier ones suite for entertainment and activity.

Remember Your Flooring’s Upkeep

One factor to remember when thinking of your hardwood floor installation’s color is how easily you can keep up its appearance. Since marks and scratches are more visible on darker colored woods, you may want to install lighter colors that make the same blemishes appear less noticeable. This is especially true for residents with pets and young children.

However, stains, dirt, and other pollutants stand out more on lighter wood colors, meaning you’ll have to be more careful and do a lot of consistent cleaning to keep up its appearance.

Of course, if you work with an expert contractor in hardwood floor installation, you can end up finding the right flooring that will be durable against any damage or stains, maintaining its appearance for years to come.

Virginia Top Floors: Hardwood Floor Installation in Lake Ridge, VA

The above considerations should be enough to ensure you pick the right flooring for your home that best suits its design and complements the decor you already have in place. To ensure you get a quality hardwood floor installation, make sure you work with a longtime professional hardwood service like Virginia Top Floors. We are among the most experienced hardwood flooring providers in Lake Ridge, VA, and Northern Virginia, assisting hundreds of residents and businesses to install, maintain, and renew their hardwood for years and years. If you are thinking of transforming your home’s interior design with a new set of hardwood floors, consider working with us. Contact Virginia Top Floors at (703) 537-9699 and get a free estimate on one of our excellent services today!