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How Do Professionals Clean Hardwood Floors?

The difference between professional and “regular” quality work stands out, particularly when it comes to Hardwood Floor Screening, buffing, and recoating. They’re not only easy to damage and stain but also difficult to clean. Thus, your best and safest option to get quality hardwood floor buffing and recoating service is to hire professionals. They’ll use the right tools and products, respect the condition of your floors, and go the extra mile to keep them spotless in the future.

At Virginia Top Floors, we do all this and more. Our professionals have worked for over 40 years in the flooring industry, honing their skills through experience. They can install, refinish, and clean, buff & recoat a full set of hardwood floors while keeping you apprised at every stage.

Here, we describe how our team would clean, buff & recoat your hardwood floors:

Use the Right Equipment

One advantage a professional flooring buffer and recoater has over amateurs is their preparation. They know the best hardwood cleaning products and tools available, as well as when it’s appropriate to utilize them.

At Virginia Top Floors, we keep a well-stocked inventory of buffing and recoating products for each project. This ensures that you are provided with the highest quality of hardwood buffing and recoating services. Simply put, we are highly-trained and experienced to determine what works best for your needs.

Treat The Floors With Respect

Hardwood damages easily, often because someone uses the wrong cleaning agent or equipment. Not to mention, most homeowners wait until their floors are completely shot and their floorboards need to be replaced altogether.

At Virginia Top Floors, we understand everything about hardwood flooring and will know how to renew your floors back to its original glory using just the right methods, while also maintaining its integrity.

For instance, if you have used an oil-based cleaner on your floors, then we will inform you that it is not an eligible candidate for rebuffing and recoating. We can also offer various solutions to treat both the floors and any damage, not just one or the other.

Find Ways To Reduce Mess

Furthermore, Hardwood Floor Screening professionals look for ways to maintain your floors in the long run. They identify potential damage hazards, such as pets with well-grown claws, or areas in the home that experience large spills and high traffic. When you do have pets and areas with high traffic, check your floors often!

Our team at Virginia Top Floors is happy to provide a list of solutions for you to consider, such as investing in a specific coating for your floors or placing rugs and doormats in key areas to avoid gradual or immediate damage. Our experts think holistically to ensure your hardwood floors are treated well so they’ll last for years to come.

Virginia Top Floors: Experienced Floor Cleaning, Buffing, and Recoating Service in Northern Virginia

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