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Refinishing vs Recrafting Your Staircase

To renew your staircase’s appearance, you can have it either refinished—which entails sanding and recoating the hardwood—or recrafted—which involves installing a new set of stairs over the current ones. Reach out to a professional staircase remodeling company for hardwood flooring installation and retain your home’s allure. Virginia Top Floors provides high-quality hardwood flooring to homes…
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Water-Damaged Hardwood Floor Repairs in McLean, VA

Leaks from refrigerator or dishwasher water lines are one of the main causes of damage to hardwood floors in the kitchen. A leaky line goes unnoticed and damages the floor over time, creating black stains caused by building mold. Not pretty, not healthy. At times, unused dishwashers are suddenly put to use and the old,…
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Engineered floor Installation in Falls Church, VA

Imagine this: a beautiful modern apartment with powdered blue-gray walls, chic whirlpool in the bathroom, and sparkling stainless steel kitchen details. The floors, however, leave a lot to be desired. Planks of heavily grained engineered oak float from the entrance of the apartment to the back. You know the type- typical golden, faded, and drab-…
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