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Small Changes Make A Big Difference: Newel Posts, Handrails, and Iron Balusters

In our last post, we spoke about starting the transformation of your carpeted floors to solid hardwood floors. We talked about transforming your staircase and second level to hardwood, which can be followed by the installation of hardwood floors in your bedrooms.

Other details that can add to the uniqueness of your staircase remodeling project is the installation of new handrails, newel posts, new wood balusters and/or iron balusters. You can easily update your staircase by changing the style and color of your wood handrail.

Swap Out Wood Balusters for Iron

Another small, yet significant detail that can make your staircase the focus of attention, are your balusters. You can opt for brand new wood balusters to keep in-style with other balusters on your home or you can add square wood ones.

Another popular alternative is to change wood balusters for iron ones. There is a wide selection of styles and finishes, reasonably priced to choose from. Lastly, the addition of an updated newel post can freshen up your staircase even further. You have the option to stain the wood to match your floors or select a white one to emphasize the contrast.

Treads and Risers

An additional detail that can change the look of your project is the treatment of your risers. Treads and risers are the two components of a step. A tread is the horizontal part where you land your foot and a riser is the vertical part that you see in the front of the step - which to choose is strictly subjective.

Some people prefer the all-stained staircase to attain a solid piece and traditional look. An all-stained staircase plays particularly well on open areas with light walls and higher ceilings.

On the other hand, you can always opt for stained tread and white risers. The white riser can be installed in front of the existing piece or the existing riser can be primed and painted white. The effect is a lighter fixture, with a modern look, that goes very well on small spaces. The downside is that it gets scuffed quicker, nothing that a coat of paint every couple of years can’t fix.

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Small details carry a big punch. If you are considering exploring these style-changing options, then call Virginia Top Floors for assistance. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing you with custom staircase remodeling, hardwood floor restoration, buffing and recoating, and much more. Whether you decide to start a staircase remodeling project or a flooring update, our team is here to help you.

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