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Replacing Carpeting for Solid Hardwood

Most homeowners don’t consider changing their carpeted floors to hardwood because they expect a high cost. However, prefinished hardwood is one cost-effective option that allows you to change your carpet to hardwood without paying an exorbitant cost. In addition, you should find a flooring service that is reliable and trustworthy to perform the installation.

At Virginia Top Floors, we are dedicated to providing high quality hardwood floors at affordable prices. Our team are seasoned professionals in helping customers find and receive quality hardwood floor installation options. For well over 40 years of service, we have serviced homes and businesses across Centreville, VA. Our customers return or refer us due to our friendly customer service and premium grade installations.

Below, we discuss how you can replace your home’s carpet floors with hardwood:

What Goes Into A Hardwood Floor Replacement

As we mentioned before, there are ways to affordably install hardwood into your home, particularly by having your flooring replaced in certain key areas. A good place to start is your staircase and second level hallway. Most single-family homes feature hardwood at least on the main level. And many have their staircases and 2nd level floors carpeted.

Installing hardwood on your staircase and second level hallway will give the impression that all the floors are solid hardwood. If you opt for pre-finished wood, the process is completely dry and done in less than a week. However, the color will depend on the pre-finished products available.

Although many can subscribe to the method described above, others may want to match the color of the new floor and staircase to an existing color. That can be done as well, taking into account that once the floors are installed, they need to be stained and refinished which will add a day or two to the complete process.

Regardless of whether of your selection of pre-finished or finished-in-place floors, the steps will always come pre-finished. All treads and risers are pre-finished in our premises once the color is selected. We just bring in the finished pieces to expedite the process.

Changing your carpeted stairs and 2nd level hallway to hardwood is a great start to convert all your floors to hardwood as they can be done at different times.

Explore Your Solid Hardwood Floor Installation Options in Centreville, VA

Installing hardwood floors tends  to be more financially flexible than many give it credit for, with a variety of options for customers seeking to stick to a budget. VA Top Floors is among the best hardwood floor installation companies in the area, serving numerous clients throughout the Centreville, VA area. With over 40 years of experience in the flooring industry, our craftsmen can ensure you get the floors you want at the price and quality you need. Contact us (703) 537-9699 at for more information and get a free quote for one of our hardwood installation services.