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What Is Staircase Recrafting?

During floor restoration projects, contractors and homeowners often avoid staircases because they present tricky challenges. Nevertheless, staircases are high-traffic spaces that could use an occasional refresh. So, consider staircase recrafting, which involves professionals installing a new layer of wood on top of an old staircase structure. Home owners looking for such floor restoration services in Wellington, VA, can turn to Virginia Top Floors.

Our team specializes in top-quality floor restoration, including hardwood refinishing, screening and recoating and installation. We have over 50 years of total customer service experience and more than 30 years of total design experience. Virginia Top Floors is committed to a strong work ethic, a customer-first mindset, and a trained eye for detail, color, and space treatment. Contact us for floor restoration services at (703) 537-9699.

What Is Staircase Recrafting?

Again, staircase recrafting involves placing a new layer of wood on top of your current staircase structure. In this context, you could think of the word “recrafting” as a synonym for “replacing.” While transformative, this process offers a simpler route than other methods and introduces a new style, color, and texture to your staircase. It includes carpet removal, bullnose removal, measuring, cutting, and installation.

Staircase recrafting works well when refinishing fails to yield the results you want—like with pine or another softwood flooring—or when you want to install a new type of wood. Recrafting can include handrails and balusters as well, which may or may not be suitable for refinishing.

Staircase Recrafting vs. Staircase Refinishing

Restoring hardwood flooring often comes down to a decision between staircase recrafting and staircase refinishing. Contrary to replacing the wood entirely, refinishing calls for revitalizing the existing hardwood by sanding the top layer away and staining then finishing the newest layer of flooring.

On most hardwood flooring, changing the flooring color or fixing minor damage (dullness, scuff marks, or light scratches) most often calls for refinishing. Yet to decide between recrafting and refinishing your staircase, consider your prospects, the size of your home, and the current condition of the stairs. In terms of cost-effectiveness, refinishing costs less upfront, though it can’t prevent the need for eventual recrafting.

The Process of Staircase Recrafting

Virginia Top Floor’s process in recrafting your staircase involves:


  • Carpet Removal: First, old carpeting is removed while tack strips, nails, and staples are pulled from the subsurfaces. This method produces the leveled, clean surface that is essential for proper wood installation.
  • Bullnose Removal: A tread (where the foot lands) and a riser (the vertical piece) make up each step of a staircase. The rounded section of a tread, facing you as you step up, is known as the bullnose. This protruding, rounded section is chopped away so that the riser is flush with the tread, creating a flat surface to place the new tread and riser against.
  • Measuring & Cutting: A staircase is never exactly square, even if it appears to be. As a result, each step's treads and risers must be measured and cut to fit.
  • Installation: After all of the pieces–treads and risers–have been customized, they are glued and nailed together to complete the installation. Sanding and refinishing are advised if the goal is to match the color and finish of a previously refinished floor nearby.

Virginia Top Floors: Expert Floor Restoration in Wellington, VA

Virginia Top Floors is happy to provide floor restoration services and staircase recrafting services to any residential client in Wellington, VA. At Virginia Top Floors, we treat our clients’ homes as if they are their own. Our flooring experts strive to do a great job the first time around so that your new, spectacular flooring lasts as long as possible. If you need us before or after any project, we’re only a phone call away. Don’t hesitate to contact us at (703) 537-9699.