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How Many Times Can Hardwood Flooring Be Refinished?

No two hardwood floors are the same. Their distinctions in texture, type, strength, and color contribute to the unique atmosphere of every home. Given careful maintenance, your hardwood floors can last a lifetime. Specifically, try incorporating sanding hardwood floor services into your routine to protect their natural shine and remove minor scrapes and dents. If you’re trying to determine how often you can refinish your hardwood flooring, contact your local flooring specialists to answer any questions and handle the work.

Virginia Top Floors offers such services to homeowners in Arlington, VA. Our flooring professionals specialize in hardwood installation, refinishing, replacement, screening, and recoating. We use high-quality stains and finishes as well as premium wood for our customers’ flooring needs. If you’re looking for hardwood floor refinishing services, contact us at (703) 537-9699.

Below, we explore how many times you can have your hardwood floors refinished:

What is Hardwood Floor Sanding?

Part of the hardwood floor’s refinishing process, sanding removes the flooring’s uppermost layer where the damage exists. Afterward, professionals apply stain, sealer, and finish over the smoothed wood to protect it and enrich its color. 

Given that wear and tear comes from constant traffic, a screening and recoating maintenance service is recommended every 4 to 5 years. Sanding hardwood floors is best completed by a professional flooring company that uses a drum sander and other professional equipment.

What is the Purpose of Refinishing?

Sun exposure, pets, and water damage can ruin your hardwood flooring’s appearance. However, refinishing can make your hardwood floors look good as new and remove the paint residue, scuff marks, and deep scratches that are difficult to hide.

Additionally, refinishing your hardwood floors allows you to delay replacing them entirely. Save complete replacement for when deep-seated damage—such as warps, cracks, and gouges—can no longer be ignored. Refinishing is for normal wear and tear, scratches, and discoloration caused by the sum.

Factors to Consider When Refinishing

Sanding hardwood floors in Arlington, VA

Determining whether to refinish hardwood involves careful consideration. Generally, hardwood floors can be sanded and refinished 2-3 times.

This decision comes down to the flooring’s wear layer, the uppermost layer that absorbs damage. Its size determines the number of times you can sand your floor before it becomes too worn to save. A professional flooring company can assist you with any questions you might have.

Leave Sanding Hardwood Floors to the Professionals in Arlington, VA!

Sanding hardwood floors is a hefty task for any homeowner to attempt. Since the quality and maintenance of your hardwood floors are imperative to your home’s beauty, leave this work to the professionals. Virginia Top Floors can refinish and replace your hardwood floors and stairs in Arlington, VA. We’re a trusted name in hardwood floor services and experts in any issue you might have with your flooring. For more information on our hardwood floor refinishing process, contact us at (703) 537-9699 today!