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The Advantages of Hardwood Flooring

Wall-to-wall carpeting within our homes has the tendency to be more problematic. Keeping up its appearance can be expensive as they are often more absorbent toward stains, odors, dander, pollen, pet hair, and many other indoor pollutants. Hardwood flooring, on the other hand, can be a beautiful and functional asset to your home. If you…
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Benefits of Buffing and Recoating Your Hardwood Floors

Seeing carpeted floors in homes is rare nowadays. Buyers and agents look for real estate with shiny, beautiful hardwood floors to extenuate the home’s interior spaces. Homeowners love hardwood floors because of their attractive look, easy ability to clean and repair, and more. Homes house many different kinds of people and families, such as children,…
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When to Choose Screening and Recoating vs Refinishing

As a homeowner or local business owner, it’s important to always ensure that your home or business is maintained in the highest quality. Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to any home or business.  When it comes to maintaining your floor’s outstanding appearance, it’s crucial to understand the differences between screening and recoating, and refinishing,…
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Signs Your Floor Needs Buffing & Recoating

Excellent hardwood floors are often a point of pride in the home. However, children, pets, spills, skids and regular wear and tear can all have a negative effect on the health of your hardwood floors. Hardwood floors take upkeep to avoid dulling and aesthetically displeasing effects. However, it can be difficult to tell exactly when…
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