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What is Involved in a Staircase Remodeling Project?

Year after year, staircases can quickly wear down due to excessive traffic–kids and pets running up and down the stairs, dents from any furniture brought up or down the stairs as well as many other similar instances. When you decide to plan a staircase remodel, having a professional assist you is highly recommended. At Virginia Top Floors, our staircase remodeling experts have years of experience refinishing and recrafting staircases making them look like new. Below, we discuss the various steps involved with a staircase remodeling project.

Planning the Installation

As long as your staircase framing is still strong and intact, you will be able to streamline your remodeling project. The usual components that create a staircase include a handrail, balusters and newel posts, treads, risers and a skirt board. You will need to discuss with your remodeler to determine whether you need to refinish or replace any of these components.

Fastening the Treads and Risers

It’s important to test-fit and mark every tread and riser to where it will be set on the staircase. Once this is complete, a construction adhesive will be placed onto the stair after which it is nailed to the underlaying structure.

Install Additional Components

When installing the newel post, it should easily slide into its support base. After that, the lower end of the handrail will be connected to it and the balusters will be inserted into their proper places along the staircase. One after another, the pieces will bring together your staircase making it appear just as new.

Choose Reliable and Convenient Staircase Remodeling Bristow, VA

Installing a new staircase takes time and a team of experts to ensure your home doesn’t receive damage and that you and your family are kept safe. It can be dangerous if you don’t have previous experience or knowledge with staircase remodeling. At Virginia Top Floors, we have years of experience improving staircases of all shapes and sizes by refinishing or recrafting them. We will make sure your staircase remodeling project is completed efficiently at every stage and that the completed product suits your exact needs.

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