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What to Expect During A Hardwood Flooring Installation

When you’re installing hardwood floors into your home, it’s best to know every aspect of the process. As having any type of construction done inside your house might be noisy and inconvenient, you may want to give your neighbors a courtesy warning. The installation period should also be scheduled at a convenient time, preferably when you are out of the house, such as during a vacation, or while you are at work or school.

Luckily, Virginia Top Floors’ efficient and highly-qualified craftsmen will tailor their process to fit your time, schedule, and needs. We aim to please our customers with excellent hardwood floor installations for residents in Fauquier County, VA. We promise to provide you top-quality standards and co-operation. If you’re considering installing hardwood floors, here’s what you should expect during the installation process:

Clear the Room

It’s important that you remove all the furniture out of the room as well as any electrical appliances that may need to be rewired. Depending on who you’ve hired, some companies will be able to move the furniture for you.

Leaving the Jobsite

The installer will first visit your home and take measurements and complete an inspection of your floors. Then, during the installation process, you should avoid the workspace, as every room is being serviced can be both hazardous and uncomfortable for you and your family until after the floors are complete. It’s also important that you allow for a few extra days of not being able to use the room to its full capacity just in case there are any unforeseen issues that arise during the process.

Wood Acclimation

One interesting part of hardwood flooring installation is that your hardwood needs to acclimate to your home before it is installed. This is because your new hardwood needs to adjust to the temperature and moisture levels in your home. There is one of the most critical steps in the installation process.

Prepare for Noise

During the installation process, you should expect disruptions. Depending on the type of flooring you’ve purchased, the contractor might be cutting different parts and placing them in their proper places. While they’ll mostly be working outside or in your garage, you should expect some leftover dust in your new room as they walk in and out. As to not be disturbed by the loud, sudden noises, a simple solution is to go out and do errands to pass the time.

Expect to Wait

Even after your hardwood floors have been installed, you might still need to wait until you can walk along them if the installation involved glue as is the case for some engineered flooring products. Your hardwood floor installer might ask you to stay off the new floors for a small amount of time in order to allow the adhesive time to set.  If on the other hand nail-down flooring has been used, there is no waiting period. The same applies to floating installations.

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