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Hardwood Floor Refinishing vs. Cleaning & Buffing

At Virginia Top Floors, we respect your love of hardwood (that’s kind of our thing, after all). Whether your home is an aged or recent build, we all want that flooring to be in top-shape. How else can you get such a handsome and finished style? But hardwood floors can show wear and tear. Over years of usage, the finish may accrue scratch/scuff marks, paint spots, and water stains. Adding insult to injury, sun and time can fade the wood’s color and lustre.

We’ve written before on how to protect your hardwood floors from “daily use” damage. If heeded, those guidelines will slow the effects of usage. But when the signs of wear do appear, you should call the experts at Virginia Top Floors. We offer both refinishing and floor buffing and recoating services to folks in Bristow and across Northern Virginia. When you hire us, you get service that’s been perfected over decades. Our design skills will bring back your flooring’s former glory without the expense of replacement.

Below, we outline how refinishing differs from Screening and Recoating, then discuss which would work best for you:

Hardwood Refinishing

Before you invest in a refinish or a clean/buff service, you may wonder: what do the two involve? Which one would best suit my needs?

A hardwood floor refinishing means sanding away the floor’s topmost layer (old finish and color) and then applying new stain and new coats of finish. A floor can be sanded a few times, no more than 3. This preserves the floor’s strength while expunging scratches, stains, and damaged finish.

Cleaning & Buffing

A hardwood floor clean and buff takes no sanding. In fact, we do not touch the wood itself. Instead, we deep clean the floors, buff (or “screen”) them with an abrasive pad, and then apply a fresh coat of finish.

Many historic homes and structures maintain their hardwood’s sheen with yearly Screening and Recoating. And when you first contact Virginia Top Floors, we will evaluate your floors to decide whether a refinish or a clean & buff would suit them best.

What Does Your Floor Need?

Many first-time clients call us and assume that their hardwood needs replacement. But we have often found that it can be brought back to life without that step. Whether through refinish or clean and buff, we have helped folks avoid the hassle of gutting their home’s floors.

Of course, each case differs. What works in one home may not fit another. So, during our initial evaluation, we must account for several details of your property: where are the high traffic areas? How much dirt and dust get tracked in? Do you have large pets in your home? Is this a rental property?

Virginia Top Floors: Seasoned Hardwood Professionals

If your hardwood floors look dull, damaged, or faded, reach out to Virginia Top Floors to get them evaluated. Our team’s extensive experience and knowledge allow us to treat any hardwood floor problem, and we have provided refinishing and floor buffing services across Bristow and Northern Virginia. Call us today at (703) 537-9699 or fill out our online form to give your floors a handsome look once more.