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How to Protect Your Floors

For years, hardwood floors have been known to produce a warmer and welcoming atmosphere. However, hardwood floors are very vulnerable to damage such as scratches, water damage, and grime. If you are in need of a floor restoration service in Chantilly, Virginia, Virginia Top Floors has you covered.

Regardless of how much you care for your hardwood floors, accidents happen. Here are just a few of the ways you can protect your hardwood floors:


Doormats are by far one of the simplest ways you can protect your floor. The biggest enemy to your hardwood floor is the dirt and debris that comes from the bottom of your shoes. A doormat is a wise investment for the weather year-round. Having a doormat for your guests to wipe their feet on will help avoid excessive wetness and accumulation of dirt or mud, which could lead to further water damage on your hardwood floors.

No Shoe Policy

When visiting a friend or relative’s house, we’ve all been told to remove our shoes at some point, and there’s a good reason for it. There is no place dirtier than the bottom of your shoe, so you’ll want to avoid having tracks of mud and dirt around your house.

When you have visitors come to your house, don’t hesitate to ask them to remove their shoes. Remember, it’s your house, so it’s your rules!

Clipping Your Pet’s Nails

If you have pets, then you know grooming is an essential element of maintaining a healthy pet and home. By clipping your pet’s nails, you reduce the amount of scratches that may end up on your hardwood floor.

Any excitement caused by house guests may keep them restless, meaning that there’s an even higher chance of damaged floors if their nails aren’t taken care of.

Felt Pads For Your Furniture

Many retailers offer stick-on felt pads for chairs, tables, and couches. These felt pads can greatly reduce the chance of scratches on your hardwood floor. From time to time, furniture may be moved around the house and your floors could get worn.

When it comes to protecting your floor, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Simply stick these felt pads to the legs of your chair or table to make your floors scratch-proof.

Place Area Rugs in Busy Rooms

Areas such as the kitchen (21 DIY Kitchen Renovation Tips for a Makeover On a Budget | Redfin), dining room, and living room are sure to be used, especially when you are expecting company. To prepare for the foot traffic, ensure that your hardwood floors are covered by a rug to avoid potential scratches, dirt, and debris. Aside from protection, having a rug can also add to the scenery and homeliness of your residence.

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