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Why Heavily-Soiled Hardwood Floors Require Expert Cleaning

Your home’s hardwood floors require consistent cleaning and care to maintain their newly refinished lustre; without such efforts, you risk them becoming damaged and soiled. At that point, you have options to restore your floors back to a certain degree of their previous appearance. But to bring back their former glory, you should hire a team of hardwood-cleaning professionals.

At Virginia Top Floors, we have decades of experience in hardwood floor care and installation. We’ve spent years restoring, refinishing, and expertly cleaning, screening and recoating hardwood floors in homes across Bristow and many other cities in Northern Virginia. Our clients have consistently found satisfaction in our services, and they enjoy our collaborative selection, design process, as well as our quality craftsmanship.

Here’s why you should get an experienced professional to clean, screen (or buff) and recoat your home’s soiled hardwood floors:

Sensitive Restoration Methods

In order to determine whether the floor’s finish (which covers the wood) or the wood itself needs repair, you’ll have to hire an expert. Having a professional in hardwood floors reapply a new coat of finish will restore their look and extend their lifespan.

If the finish is not applied properly, uneven marring  may appear across the floor, and the overall appearance of your hardwood won’t be fully restored. Additionally, if the wood itself has become significantly damaged or soiled, you’ll need a professional to go through the delicate process of sanding it down. Doing so will remove the thin layer of damaged wood and reveal a newer layer underneath.

Specialized Equipment

Some of the methods for effectively cleaning your hardwood floors require equipment that takes a lot of experience to operate.

For example, when a hardwood floor still looks dull even after a thorough cleaning, you’ll likely need to use a floor-buffing machine, which will remove a fraction of the existing top coat and allow you to apply a new coat of finish. Additionally, experts in hardwood floors will know which kind of cleaning products to use after the work is completed.

Due to this, you can be sure that purchasing an expert Hardwood Floor Screening will provide a lasting, brightly finished floor for years to come.

Virginia Top Floors: Experts in Cleaning Hardwood Floors in Bristow, VA

Cleaning and restoring hardwood floors require the skilled hands of a professional. At Virginia Top Floors, we have provided numerous hardwood flooring services to residents and businesses. From installing and refinishing to restoring and cleaning hardwood floors, our expertise and quality customer service is backed by our high customer satisfaction rates throughout Bristow and Northern Virginia.

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