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What’s the Purpose of Hardwood Floor Buffing?

Hardwood floors need to be maintained if you want to keep their shiny and pristine appearance. If you are thinking is time to bring the life back to your hardwood floors, you’ll need a professional with expert knowledge to get them there.

Virginia Top Floors offers a team of seasoned professionals in hardwood flooring with over 30 years of experience in the industry. We are experts in providing hardwood floor buffing, refinishing, and installation, as well as staircase remodeling and . Customers from across Bristow, VA, return to us time and time again because of our prompt and efficient workmanship and our friendly customer service.

Below, we discuss what a hardwood floor buffing service is, the purpose in getting one for your home, and some potential alternative:

What is Hardwood Floor Buffing?

Hardwood floor buffing is a method of hardwood floor maintenance that prevents you from completely re-sanding and refinishing your floors. This particular process doesn’t reach the through to the actual wood, and it doesn’t change the current stain or color.

Why Choose A Hardwood Floor Buffing?

Hiring a reliable hardwood floor buffing service is a preferable choice as it is a cost-effective procedure to restore your floor’s original luster. You could consider it similar to deep cleaning your hardwood floors and utilizing a finishing coat to top it off.

Hiring a professional hardwood floor buffing service will ensure you get the perfect floor buff, as they use professional-grade equipment and products that can deal with the following:

  • Superficial scratches
  • Scuff Marks
  • Paint Residue
  • Dull Sheen

We recommend buffing your floors if you haven’t received maintenance in the last 3 to 5 years.

A Useful Alternative to Hardwood Floor Buffing

If your floors are in poor condition, buffing and recoating them alone may not be enough to maintain them. The next step is “dust-free sanding”, which involves utilizing floor sanding equipment to remove the stain and finish, as well as a layer of hardwood from the floors.

This will eliminate deep scratches and other imperfections from your hardwood, leaving the original hardwood flooring bare and ready for renewal. After that, your hardwood flooring specialists will stain, seal, and refinish your floors according to your specifications.

Virginia Top Floors: Dependable Hardwood Floor Buffing in Bristow, VA

Whatever condition your hardwood floors are in, the fact remains that as long as you treat them right and regularly maintain them, they will last for years in your home. At Virginia Top Floors, our passion is to provide customers with quality hardwood floors and excellent flooring maintenance, including our expert refinishing and hardwood floor buffing services. Throughout Bristow, VA, we have been the top hardwood flooring installation, restoration, and maintenance company, bringing customers the best customer service and craftsmanship in the region.

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