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What Can Dustless Sanding Do for Your Home?

Having hardwood flooring in your home provides much less hassle than if you were to have carpeted floors, yet there are still aspects of maintenance you should address. Daily wear and tear will inevitably lead to scratches and marks on your hardwood, and there are very few ways for homeowners to safely and effectively make repairs. One of the best ways to do so is by performing a dustless sanding. However, most homeowners lack the time and experience to carefully sand their floors, or the budget to rent the equipment required for it.

With experts in sanding hardwood floors, like our professionals at Virginia Top Floors, you’ll have spotless, refreshed floors. In Lake Ridge, VA, and all over Northern Virginia, we have spent decades acquainting ourselves with the appropriate techniques in repairing, staining, and sanding hardwood floors of all types, ensuring our work leaves customers satisfied and assured by our services.

Here’s what getting a dustless sanding on your hardwood will do for your home:

Safer Procedure

Performing a dustless sanding service on your hardwood floors is much safer than other sanding methods. It avoids producing an abundance of dust, which can irritate inhabitants with asthma or dust allergies and could further exacerbate breathing conditions. Dustless sanding is less likely to affect the interior of your home and avoids harming or troubling you and your loved ones.

Faster Service

Sanding hardwood floors without all the dust also helps save you or your hired professional time. A standard sanding service produces a great amount of dust, requiring more time spent on cleanup. In contrast, a dustless sanding will save time for you and your flooring expert.

Less Cleanup

As mentioned before, a dustless sanding of your hardwood floors is convenient because it will require less after-service cleanup on your part. This is especially useful for those with hardwood floors in multiple rooms and separate floors of their home. With a dustless sanding, your hardwood will receive a totally refinished appearance, but without the hassle of hours of cleaning leftover dust. Depending on your preferences, this can save you additional labor costs with a sanding professional performing the cleanup.

Virginia Top Floors: Experts in Sanding Hardwood Floors in Lake Ridge, VA

Getting a dustless sanding for your hardwood floors is an excellent way to repair any damages that are regularly made over time. While you can perform one yourself, the costs may be expensive and the limited knowledge of handling the equipment may result in your floors becoming damaged. However, a professional flooring expert who specializes in sanding hardwood floors, like Virginia Top Floors, can quickly and efficiently restore your flooring to the way it looked when it was first installed.

With more than fifty years worth of experience between our expert craftsman, Virginia Top Floors has provided our customers with excellent sanding, staining, and flooring installations in Lake Ridge, VA, and across a number of cities in Northern Virginia. 

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