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Solid Wood vs. Synthetic: Which is the Better Flooring Option?

Deciding on which type of flooring material to install or replace in your home can be a tricky decision.  Homeowners might feel at a loss when choosing materials as more options are available everyday. Selection of the ideal material hinges on each homeowner situation and the area or areas they are dealing with.

Today's options include engineered (sandable and non-sandable), laminate, tile, carpet and engineered vinyl, and of course the classic solid ¾” wood. Short term solutions include laminate and carpet, and at times even engineered wood. However, the best benefits are one’s that persist in the long-term value of your home.

Generally speaking, solid wood is favored for most of the floor as it adds value to the property. On the other hand, the new engineered vinyl is the perfect option for areas prone to water spillage –like basements and mud rooms (more on the new materials on our next blog).

That’s why we at Virginia Top Floors take the time to visit and evaluate each property to better assess the type is the better flooring material option. Our craftsmen have spent decades installing and performing professional Hardwood Floor Screening and refinishing. We have an extensive list of customers in Catlett, VA and throughout Northern Virginia. Combining our experience with your vision, we ensure our services will provide you with lasting satisfaction.

Solid Hardwood, a Sound Investment

Not only will your hardwood floors last for a lifetime, with proper maintenance, but it will also raise the value of your home. Unlike laminate or engineered floors for example, which require a full replacement every ten years or so, hardwood floors only need a professional refinishing service in order to renew its condition. This means, it has lower overall maintenance costs in the long-term. Hardwood is also a highly-desirable feature for potential home buyers, convincing them your home is high in value.

Wood flooring has a wide selection of patterns, colors, and styles for you to choose from. These all differ from each type of wood offered, each one more exotic than the last. While laminate floors provide much the same in their appearance, they do not have the genuine appeal that real hardwood has to offer.

Virginia Top Floors: Professional Hardwood Floor Screening in Catlett, VA

It may be difficult to choose which material is better, but if you would prefer long-term benefits, then you should have hardwood flooring in your home. With the right service, such as a regular Hardwood Floor Screening, your hardwood floors can last even longer than the house they’re placed in. At Virginia Top Floors, our mission is to ensure that the quality and longevity of your hardwood floors never change, and that their design and arrangement remain to your satisfaction for years to come. Our decades worth of experience ensures our customers from Catlett, VA and the rest of Northern Virginia, are receiving the highest quality of services possible.

Inquire about our hardwood flooring services! Contact us at 703-537-9699 to schedule an appointment with one of our craftsmen today.