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Key Factors that Affect Floor Restoration & Repair Costs

Generally, the cost of a floor restoration depends on the square footage and condition of the floors. For flooring repairs, it is based on the size of the wood and by quantity. Many other factors go into it as well, one of them being the company you choose to work with. The best companies provide a premium floor restoration service at a fair price, ensuring your floors are fully-restored and finished to their original appearance.

Our team’s combined experience amounts to over 45 years of service and workmanship in the hardwood floor industry. Our customers refer us because of what our length of service entails–exceptional craftsmanship with a dedicated attention to detail.

Below, we discuss three major factors that determine the cost of restoring a hardwood floor:

What Factors Affect Floor Restoration Costs?

Square Footage

Flooring restoration is only available to really old floors. And the amount of flooring that needs to be restored will determine the level of work or labor that must take place. Therefore, the square footage of the room is equal to the cost of restoring your floor.

Current Floor Condition

While the price of floor restoration is determined by the square footage and the overall floor condition, most customers want to restore their floors back to their original color. However, if your floors are completely worn, excessively scratched and damaged, then it may require a repair instead.  If they have also been sanded too many times, then they are would be candidates for replacement.

New Coatings & Stains

Finally, new coatings and stains are a finishing touch of a floor restoration. Virginia Top Floors will strip the floor, apply stain, sealer, and a few coats of finish. For pet floors, we might recommend an additional coat of finish or a more durable high-traffic commercial grade finish  to keep scratches at bay longer.

What Factors Affect Repair Costs?

Repairing flooring is usually priced per board and by the size of the wood. And the wider your floor boards are, the higher your plank price will be. Nowadays, many people are opting for wider planks due to style, design, and general aesthetic preferences.

Virginia Top Floors: High Quality Floor Restoration Service in Fauquier County

Floor restoration and repair costs depend entirely on your floors and how you want to treat them, as well as the expertise of the professionals you hire to do it. Virginia Top Floors are among the most experienced floor restoration service providers in all of Fauquier County, Virginia. Our team has over four decades of experience and knowledge in hardwood floor installation, restoration, and repair.

We guarantee our services will ensure your hardwood remains beautiful for years to come. Contact us at (703) 537-9699 and book a floor restoration service with us today!