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How To Know Your Home Needs Professional Hardwood Floor Buffing

Installing a set of hardwood floors into your home is a sound investment as carpeting is often known to have more issues and can be more costly over time. With proper maintenance and upkeep, many homes with hardwood floors built decades ago are found to have beautiful, fully-intact floors. This is due to regular buffing that’s completed by flooring professionals like Virginia Top Floors.

Our team has over 50 years of experience serving clients in Northern VA, and we reflect your investment through our attention to detail, our focus on providing high-quality products at affordable costs, and providing various services such as professional hardwood floor buffing, refinishing, and sanding, as well as installation and repair. If you are wondering when you need to get a buffing service on your hardwood floor, here are the details you should look for:

Scratches and Scuff Marks

Buffing is a great way to eliminate the many blemishes on your floors that are produced over the years. Whenever you inspect your hardwood floors and notice there are an abundance of scuff marks and light scratches, this most likely means it’s time to hire a professional to perform a buffing on your hardwood floors. This will eliminate all surface-level damage from your floors, making it look brand-new.

Paint Residue and Other Stains

Initially, you would want the color of your preferred wood stain to be your floor’s integral appearance. However, certain paints and other substances can create hard-to-clean stains on a hardwood floor’s surface. Buffing is the equivalent to deep cleaning your carpets and will effectively remove any residue leftover from difficult smears and spots.

Dull Sheen

The thing that most consistently occurs with hardwood floors is the gradual loss of their glossy finish. This is only natural, as constant foot traffic, dust, grime, and other aspects tend to degrade the shine your floors had when they were first placed. The best and least expensive way to refresh your floor’s appearance is by performing a hardwood floor buffing, preferably by hiring an experienced service like Virginia Top Floors.

Choose Expert Hardwood Floor Buffing Services in Northern Virginia

Renew your home’s glow by getting a hardwood floor buffing service from Virginia Top Floors. We have served in areas all over Northern Virginia for over 30 years, providing our expert skill in the craft of hardwood installation, repair, replacement and refinishing. We dedicate ourselves to ensuring the highest customer satisfaction through our organized, fast-paced service, excellent design sense, and our supply of affordable, high quality products.

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