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Health Benefits of Hardwood Floors

When people think of hardwood floors, they usually recall the elegant look and design appeal. After all, no other material can recreate that characteristic look. That’s why wood flooring remains a popular choice in the home design market. But does anyone commonly think of hardwood flooring’s health benefits?

At Virginia Top Floors, we appreciate more about hardwood than its design appeal. We also recognize its health advantages, which include reducing the presence of allergens and its sustainable sourcing. So, whether you want to purchase new hardwood or refinish some that you already have, reach out to our team. We offer hardwood refinishing, installation, and floor screening and recoating services. Our team has over 50 years of combined experience servicing floors in Calverton and across Northern Virginia. Now you, too, can enjoy the perks of our expertise and service.

Here, we outline the health benefits of hardwood flooring compared to other options on the market:

Advantages Over Carpeting

In the past, we have discussed how hardwood floors contribute to a healthy indoor climate. But we should also consider those effects alongside another flooring option: carpeting. So, how do these materials stack up?

Keep in mind that the annual number of allergy sufferers in the US exceeds 50 million. And while outdoor allergens cause much of that trouble, indoor factors (like dust mites and animal dandruff) play a role too. Thus, cleaning hardwood floors can make a substantial difference.

Your house’s residents track outdoor allergens inside and across the floors. And while you can always call us to professionally clean your hardwood, you must vacuum allergens out of carpeting. Plus, any allergens left in your carpeting will continue to cause irritation.

Unique Advantages

But hardwood flooring holds advantages over more than just carpet. As we’ve written already, hardwood is markedly better than laminate flooring as well.

While laminate flooring is cheaper upfront, hardwood flooring adds a great deal of market value to your home. It’s a highly-prized feature that potential buyers will pay extra for. Additionally, hardwood flooring is much easier to repair than laminate.

Throughout the United States, hardwood is more eco-friendly than both carpet and laminate flooring. When sustainably grown and cultivated, its environmental impact is limited. Plus, its long lifespan keeps it out of landfills for decades. When the time comes to discard it, hardwood is both recyclable and biodegradable.

Options & Adjustments

As mentioned above, repairing hardwood floors is much easier than repairing laminate. The same holds for carpeting; in fact, the latter two must be disposed of and then replaced entirely.

Our hardwood refinishing service has a straightforward repair process. We sand away the old finish, its scuffs and blemishes, and a thin layer of the hardwood beneath it. Then, for the new finish, you can choose between an oil-based or water-based finish.

Thus, in addition to its health benefits, you can adjust your hardwood floor’s appearance. Where carpet and laminate flooring must be removed completely, hardwood is simply refinished by a professional service company.

Professional & Efficient Floor Cleaning Services - Available in Calverton, VA

If you’re considering installing or refinishing a hardwood floor in your home, keep in mind all its benefits. Beyond its singular aesthetic, a hardwood floor offers a healthier home. Plus, when it’s needed, you can call Virginia Top Floors and request our professional floor cleaning service. We work with homeowners and businesses throughout Calverton and the Northern Virginia area. Call us today at (703) 537- 9699 or fill out our online contact form.