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Getting Your Property Ready for Sale

The beginning of the new year (and the new decade) means it’s time for a change. If one of those changes for you is selling your home you may need to make room in your schedule to effectively prepare your home for your potential buyers.

It’s important to leave a good first impression to ensure you are setting your home up for a successful sale. Between cleaning the floors, replacing the carpets, and general tidying-up, there are many details that factor into getting your property ready for sale. At Virginia Top Floors, our team of experts are trained to provide quality hardwood floor buffing and recoating in Brentsville, Virginia if your current floors are in need of a refresher. Other services include hardwood floor refinishing, installation (solid, engineered, luxury vinyl and carpet) and staircase refinishing and remodeling. Below are some other ways to get your house ready for the big sale:

Improve Your Curb Appeal

Before even entering the home, the first aspect that catches a potential buyer’s eye is the landscaping. You should ensure your lawn is mowed, your garden is weeded, and that you have flowers planted for appeal. It’s also important to make sure that the outside of your house is clean, which includes power washing and cleaning your property’s gutters. Another idea you may want to consider is adding fresh paint to the exterior to your home and repainting the doors.

Get Repairs Done

You’ll want to be sure that any repairs that need to be made are completed before any potential buyers visit the house. The last thing you’ll want is a broken window, nonfunctional plumbing, a defective heating and cooling unit, or damaged wood flooring. To really impress aspiring homeowners, have these repairs or replacements done to leave your house in better condition than any other home on the market.

Eliminate Odors

If you live with pets, this tip is key. Make sure your house smells fresh and is properly cleaned. If you have old carpets, then you may need to have them replaced with hardwood flooring, especially if there are stains and pungent odors on it. Older carpeting tends to retain strong scents and stains easily, so if your carpets are showing either of these signs, then have them replaced. If you have hardwood floors that are worn, then you may need to have them refinished or replaced entirely to ensure they look new. Not to mention, replacing carpets with hardwood flooring raises your home’s value 20-25%.

Declutter and Depersonalize

Do a clean sweep of your home to hide any distractions that may throw off potential buyers. You’ll want them to envision them living in your home, which won’t include clutter or personalized items that belong to you. Donate or put excess items in storage until after you’re finished selling your home.

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