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Buffing & Recoating Maintenance Service: Avoiding a Resanding Job

Much like a car, your hardwood floors need maintenance, especially after a couple of years.  Getting a floor restoration service is recommended to renew the original look and sheen of your floors, preventing them from receiving further damage from wear and tear. This often results in your hardwood floors remaining fully-intact for years and years without any need of replacement.

Virginia Top Floors appreciates the lasting beauty of hardwood floors and have practiced for over 40 years in sustaining it. Our technique and attention to detail stem from this goal, which our customers also appreciate about our service. We are a team of craftsmen, dedicated to providing excellent hardwood flooring services, including hardwood installation, reliable buffing & recoating maintenance, restorative refinishing, and more. We are committed to excellent flooring, as well as our premium hardwood supply at affordable prices and our friendly, collaborative service.

Below, we discuss how you can avoid the need for a buffing and recoating maintenance service in the future:

Conditions that Prevent a Buffing & Recoating Maintenance Service

There are two main conditions that prevent hardwood floors from needing to be buffed and recoated:

  • The use of oil-based cleaners: these are less corrosive than other types of cleaners, a list of which VA Top Floors can provide with a simple phone call.
  • The use of any product that leaves a superficial coating to rejuvenate the floors: anything that helps support and sustain the condition of your floors will make all the difference, especially when they’re used regularly.

Common Hardwood Flooring Damages

Buffing and recoating can only go so far in restorying your hardwood’s condition, especially from more permanent damage due to common wear-and-tear. Here’s a list of the type of damage to look out for:

  1. Scratches from pet nails
  2. Scratches from furniture dragging
  3. Discoloration due to sun damage
  4. Gray patches due to lack of finish on areas of most traffic

You can’t recover your floors from these types of damage just through buffing and recoating. You’ll need to hire a specialist that will perform a sanding and staining service on your floors. These, along with buffing and recoating, can fully restore almost any hardwood floor from nearly any damaged state, except perhaps if they are burnt through or infested with mold.

What is Buffing & Recoating?

Buffing and recoating involves the screening of the floors to eliminate superficial imperfections, dirt and to create the “tooth” to which a new coat (or two) will adhere.

Over the years many homeowners request that we only clean or buff the floors as they feel they will be saving money. A fact to remember is that a floor that is simply buffed or screened will be left with a texture that will trap the dirt left by everyday wear as well as a portion of the cleaners used.

Over time, it will develop a thin gray layer that, in many cases, can only be removed by sanding and refinishing our floors. A new coat of finish is always recommended to seal the textured floors.

Pre-finished solid floors may not be good candidates for buffing and recoating as the screening process will remove the stain from corners that protrude. Buffing and recoating is best suited for finished-in-place floors.

VA Top Floors: Buffing & Recoating Maintenance in Lake Ridge, VA

Taking care of your hardwood floors is vital to making sure they remain intact and keep their impressive appearance. VA Top Floors can help you install and maintain your floors to ensure they are long-lasting. Our years of service throughout Lake Ridge, VA, has made it among the best flooring services in the area. Our services, such as quality buffing & recoating maintenance, hardwood refinishing, and installation, are all made affordable through a variety of options, while also being of premium-grade materials. Call us today at (703) 537-9699, and let us help you improve your floors.