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Buffing and Recoating: A Maintenance Service at a Glance

Many people assume that buffing and recoating will erase scratches and discoloration on their floors. Much to their dismay, when these signs appear, sanding and refinishing are their only options.

In their quest to save money, many homeowners make the terrible mistake of using store-bought products that claim will “restore the shine”. While they still do this, these products leave an uneven coat of the product and can appear very unsightly within a few months. After the product has been applied, there is no turning back, and you’re left with no options but to sand the floors.

Below, we discuss whether your floors are a candidate for buffing and recoating as well as its benefits.

Are your floors a good candidate for buffing and recoating?

Here are a few signs:

  • General dullness
  • Scuff marks from shoe soles
  • Very light –and thin– superficial scratches
  • Small paint specs on the perimeter of a room from previous painting jobs

Floor Buffing and Recoating Benefits:

In most cases, buffing and recoating your floors can be done in a day, provided the room is void of furniture. On another note, it can’t be performed if the floors have been cleaned with an oil base cleaner, as the finish will not adhere properly.

However, if your floors are deemed as good candidates, here are the many benefits you can receive:

  • Buffing and recoating is a fraction of the cost of resanding your floors
  • It involves a light screening of the floors, followed by a brand-new coat (or two) of finish
  • It’s virtually dustless
  • It can change the sheen of your floors
  • It’s revitalizes, protects and adds life to your floors
  • Avoids a resanding job for fairly young or previously re-sanded floors

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Much like a car, your floors need maintenance. After a couple of years of re-sanding, Virginia Top Floors recommends buffing and recoating your floors to renew its original sheen. With over 50 years of flooring experience, you can trust our team to provide you with the services that suit your needs.

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