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Board replacement and refinishing, Sterling VA

Hardwood Floor Repairs and Refinishing Sterling

Recently, we had the chance to turn an “eclectic” floor, made up from different species of wood, into beautiful finished maple. The original floors were a pre-finished maple stained with a burgundy color. Over the years, pre-finished Oak was installed where carpeted areas existed adjacent to the original floors and made to run into the original maple. To update the look of her dining area, the homeowner wanted to replace the pre-finished Oak boards that where integrated into the maple flooring with maple boards so that the whole area would have a consistent look.

Following the clients’ request, we inserted two perpendicular boards to separate the two areas and then removed the Oak boards that where installed within the Maple floor. Once removed, new Maple boards were weaved into the old floor. Once that step was completed we had a dining room area made entirely of one species, ready to be sanded and finished.

If you have a room with soiled, old, carpeting, Virginia Top Floors can remove the old carpeting and replace it with new hardwood flooring that will weave seamlessly into your existing hardwood floor. This will then be followed by sanding and refinishing to give you a beautiful matching floor.

For details on how to impart the beauty of hardwood into your tired carpeted room, give us a call! 703-537-9699