7904 Bethlehem Rd., Manassas VA 20109


Text: 703-537-9699

Like a well orchestrated operation. From Ileana's initial visit and full explanation of the process: materials used (LEED products!), options available ( furniture move/replace, felt pads on base of furniture to protect floors) , and finally a run down of the sequence of the job, when I could expect to have access, how I should prepare, and generally what I should expect. This followed by a crew of 3 headed by Jose and son, who were a pleasure to have in my home and were masters at their craft. My floors look amazingly beautiful. It was hard for me to put my area rugs back in place because I didn't want to cover up the beautiful finish! Also important to note, the sanding process was amazingly dust free....far better than I expected. The other important aspect for me is their respect for the fact they were working in my home. It wasn't treated as a job site. I returned each day to a very tidy space. Granted, there was work in progress, but they were very neat and orderly about their work. At finish, they wanted my oversight in replacing furniture pieces in their proper places. It was an outstanding experience all the way through.

M. Arnold, Burke, VA