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When to Choose Screening and Recoating vs Refinishing

As a homeowner or local business owner, it’s important to always ensure that your home or business is maintained in the highest quality. Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to any home or business.  When it comes to maintaining your floor’s outstanding appearance, it’s crucial to understand the differences between screening and recoating, and refinishing, and which option is best for your situation.

As flooring experts, we at Virginia Top Floors are here to help you distinguish between recoating and refinishing for your next Hardwood Floor Screening in Chantilly, Virginia.

What is Refinishing?

Refinishing procedures are generally the more expensive route when it comes to home maintenance repairs. The purpose of a refinish is to fully restore hardwood flooring back to its original appearance. It is a highly recommended procedure when flooring has undergone severe damages that call for extensive help and repairs to be immediately addressed. Damages may include those inflicted by scratches and sun bleaching. Others, like pet urine or water damage, may require prior to sanding.

Refinishing protocols include using heavy machinery such as a drum sander to strip the floors to bare wood. The sanding stage allows the removal of dents, corrects wood discoloration, and other noticeable yet challenging damages to restore. Following this process, professionals stain the floors and then apply sealer and finish.

When to request a refinish: In order to understand when to call for a refinish, one must understand that this is usually the last resort and serves as the emergency route to restore extreme damages and avoid replacement of the floors. This is not recommended for those who are looking for a quick Hardwood Floor Screening in Chantilly, Virginia. Refinishing is used when recoating  cannot remediate the damages in a floor.

What is Recoating?

Recoating is the perfect solution for subtle damages such as removing latex paint specs, scuff marks, superficial scratches or simply a dull floors. Recoating flooring will leave your home or facility looking aesthetically pleasing with astonishing refreshed-looking floors.

Typically less expensive than refinishing, recoating includes cleaning and screening followed by the application of new coats of finish to enhance the floor’s appearance.

When to request a recoat: Hardwood floor recoating in Chantilly, Virginia is best for superficial damages such as scratches that do not need intense treatment or replacement. This option is also best if your floor has lost its shine and you want to restore its beauty again.

Trust Virginia Top Floors for Hardwood Floor Recoating in Chantilly, Virginia!

Virginia Top Floors provides hardwood floor recoating in Chantilly, Virginia for any residential and commercial buildings. Our professionals inspect the flooring and evaluate the appropriate measures needed to restore your floor’s appearance and shine.

If you notice small subtle damages and you are looking for a quick fix-up, recoating procedures are both quick and effective in enhancing the look for your hardwood floor. Virginia Top Floors offers Screening and Recoating maintenance along with a finished recoat layer, serving as the ultimate care package. We provide one-day services depending on the square feet measured and if the room(s) are furnished.

Experts at Virginia Top Floors, are experienced, certified and trained to their highest potential regarding standard protocols for recoating and deep clean flooring. For tougher damages, we also offer refinishing!

Call us at  703-537-9699 for an estimate and get started on a recoat today!