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What to Look for in a Floor Refinishing Service

Foot traffic, pet claws, sunlight, moisture—all wear on hardwood flooring. No matter how carefully you sweep and mop it, your handsome surfaces will show damage over time. Nevertheless, professional hardwood floor refinishing services can restore hardwood’s luster and save you the expense of total replacement. Ensure you receive the best results by identifying a service provider with the necessary experience, licensure, and communication skills.

Fairfax, VA, residents can receive high-quality hardwood floor refinishing through Virginia Top Floors. Our 50-plus years of service experience and 30-plus years of design experience allow us to deliver exceptional hardwood flooring, staircases, and more. Past customers rave about the quality and value of our work, often returning for repeat services or new projects. Learn more or schedule a consultation today by calling (703) 537-9699.

Below, we define floor refinishing and then discuss the critical qualifications to look for in a service provider:

What Is Hardwood Floor Refinishing?

Refinishing is a type of hardwood floor restoration that improves the flooring’s appearance by completely removing the existing layers of finish, sealer, and stain.

A drum sander is used to strip the floors and reveal a new layer of wood. This is attained by sanding the floor on subsequent cuts, from coarse to fine grid paper, and finally correcting all minor imperfections on edges and corners by hand. Then, professionals apply a new stain and sealant to protect the exposed layer of hardwood, followed by a couple of coats of clear finish.

Since it does not affect structural integrity, hardwood floor refinishing costs far less than replacement. Indeed, any hardwood service provider you speak to should know these basic facts and offer transparent communication regarding them.

Experience and Expertise

As you consider what company to hire, look for those with significant experience and a track record of success. Check their online ratings and reviews to see what past customers say about their work.

Moreover, ask your top choices for professional references and a portfolio of similar work done in the past. Ideally, your top choice should specialize in floor refinishing rather than offer it as one among dozens of options.

Insurance and Licensing

As with any home improvement service provider, check that your hardwood flooring professionals have the appropriate insurance and licensure. These should include a general liability insurance policy (to protect customers), Workers’ Comp (to protect their workers), and appropriate licensing requirements. You can look up Virginia businesses to see if they have the proper certifications.

Service and Communication

Once you know they have the appropriate experience and coverage, investigate candidate service providers’ service quality and customer interactions. For instance, each company should be able to explain the refinishing process, answer your questions about it, and offer a detailed estimate.

The companies should also discuss the specifics of their work. Since floor refinishing creates dust, inquire about each company's dust containment measures to protect your home. Also, qualified floor refinishing companies should use high-quality equipment like drum sanders, edgers, buffers, and vacuums designed for refinishing. Ask them about professional-grade stains, sealers, and finishes, too.

Most essential of all, have those providers put everything in writing. The details (including the scope of work, materials to be used, timeline, and cost breakdown) should be determined and outlined upfront.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Service Team Available in Fairfax, VA!

hardwood floor refinishing service in Fairfax, VA

Identifying a suitable hardwood floor refinishing service company can be straightforward if you know what to look for in advance. Still, Fairfax, VA, area residents can turn right to Virginia Top Floors for all such needs. Our service team can bring worn, outdated hardwood floors back to life with our restorative work and outstanding products. Call (703) 537-9699 and schedule a hardwood flooring service appointment today!