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Benefits of Sanding & Refinishing Floors in Manassas

A home’s flooring provides much more than a surface to walk on. Floors pull the look of an entire room together and help create a beautiful home. Floors should be durable and free of scratches, dents, or stains to ensure both their functionality and flawless appearance.

If your home has floors that are looking a little worse for wear, there are three main restoration options: sanding/refinishing, buffing, or replacing your floors entirely. Floor replacement can be costly, and is usually not needed to make a floor look like new again. Buffing is great to fix  superficial scratches, scuff marks, and a dull shine. For heavily damaged floors, sanding and refinishing is the best option to make your floors look like new again.

Do you have heavily damaged floors that buffing won’t quite restore? Here is our guide to the benefits of sanding and refinishing hardwood floors in Manassas, VA:

What Problems Can Sanding & Refinishing Fix?

Sanding and refinishing helps restore severe aesthetic damage in floors such as…

  • Deep scratches: Not only are these unsightly, but they take away from your home’s
  • Dents
  • Heavy wear and tear
  • Scuff marks
  • Water damage
  • Pet urine stains

How Does Sanding & Refinishing Floors in Manassas Work?

The process of hardwood floor refinishing is two-fold: sanding and refinishing. Before a floor is refinished, it must be sanded. Sanding hardwood floors in Manassas, VA involves using a drum sander to remove the floor’s original finish and coloring. These sanders remove a little wood each time they pass over a section of the hardwood floor, and must be very carefully operated to ensure too much wood is not taken away. At Virginia Top Floors, our flooring experts are highly trained and know how to sand hardwood floors properly.

After being properly sanded, the floor is ready to be refinished. This process involves applying stain to the floor to give it color. If you are having your floors refinished, you can either choose your original stain or a different color for a whole new look. Once the stain dries, sealer is applied followed by the actual finish to protect the floor against damage. When it comes to refinishing hardwood floors in Manassas, VA, trust us to ensure your floors are stained properly and will look great for a long time to come.

Call Virginia Top Floors for Sanding & Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Do your floors need a face lift? You do not need to have them replaced. Visit Virginia Top Floors for sanding hardwood floors in Manassas, VA! We know the importance of having durable and beautiful hardwood floors. Our experts have all the training required for sanding to ensure the process is done properly. They also offer gorgeous refinishing for hardwood floors in Manassas, VA to restore your floors to their former brilliant shine and color.

Do not spend the time and money to replace your floors. Trust Virginia Top Floors to make your floors look like new again! Contact us today!