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Benefits of Buffing and Recoating Your Hardwood Floors

Seeing carpeted floors in homes is rare nowadays. Buyers and agents look for real estate with shiny, beautiful hardwood floors to extenuate the home’s interior spaces. Homeowners love hardwood floors because of their attractive look, easy ability to clean and repair, and more. Homes house many different kinds of people and families, such as children, pets, the elderly, and even just messy residents, so your hardwood floors may get worn down and damaged overtime.

When you decide it is time to restore your floors to give them a brand-new look, buffing and recoating will do just that. Getting this job done by a professional like Virginia Top Floors in Northern Virginia will ensure quality hardwood floors in your home, no matter the age.

Here are some reasons why buffing a recoating your hardwood floors in the best option:

Restores Beauty

You’d rather show off your house to others with maintained floors that always look refreshed and like new. Getting your home’s hardwood floors buffed and recoated by Virginia Top Floors will do just that by restoring their life.

Extends Life

Some homeowners restore their hardwood floors with a process known as refinishing, which involves sanding, staining, and sealing time and time again. Doing this shortens the life of your floors, because sanding causes the floor boards to thin, so you can only sand them a number of times before they need to be replaced. Buffing and recoating your floors with Virginia Top Floors doesn’t thin or damage the wood in anyway, so it will ensure a longer life for your hardwood floors, helping you avoid the costs related to sanding and refinishing.

Time Efficient

Refinishing or replacing your flooring takes up a lot of time. After you get all your floor sanded, you still have to stain and seal, as well as wait for it to dry. This process can take days, whereas buffing and recoating may be done in only one day, depending on the overall square footage of the areas to be treated, and whether these are furnished or not. the efficient employees at Virginia Top Floors will make sure you don’t have to wait forever to enjoy beautiful hardwood floors.

Cost Effective

Buffing and recoating is a lot more cost effective than refinishing.

Let Us Help You Maintain Your Beautiful Hardwood Floors

If your floors are looking dull with superficial scratches or scuff marks, it may be time to get a cost-effective and quick treatment to get them looking new again. Virginia Top Floors in Northern Virginia offers you our high-quality buffing and recoating services with a special of $1.50 per sq. ft (for finished in place floors), along with many other flooring services, so you can enjoy your home’s beautiful hardwood floors and stairs, worry free.

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